NewsPosted on 08.05.2020

Snoop’s Remixed Just Eat’s Popular (ahem) Jingle

Did Somebody Say Just Eat....

For many the jingle has become an unstoppable singalong whenever we think about getting our favourite food delivered. But when Snoop rang, we realised that for some, it may have been a little bit much. 

Luckily though, when an entertainment icon like Snoop calls, he provides both gold chains and a silver lining. He told us in no uncertain terms, he wanted to put some spice on our TV ad theme tune, we couldn’t say no, and - naturally - we’ve made a meal of it. 

His new take lays out the love we all feel for our favourite, mouthwatering food moments - especially when they’re delivered in style. 

So, whether it is getting “tacos to the chateau” or having someone “hand glide by with your fried rice”, you can get the food you love, every day, every week, at the tapp of an app with Just Eat.

Hungry yet?

P.S. we don’t actually use that many hand-gliders in real life. Our Courier Partners are fly enough already.