Latest figures from Just-Eat.ie, Ireland’s number one online food ordering website reveal that New Year’s Day was the most popular day of the whole year for ordering a takeaway. A record 50% more orders were made on New Year’s Day than any other day of the year.

“Ordering usually spikes during bank holidays and New Year’s Day 2011 was no exception. I think a few factors make New Years Day the most popular day for ordering takeaway – many people are chilling out from New Years Eve celebrations and most people couldn’t look at another turkey sandwich. A delicious takeaway is a welcome reprieve from the traditional Christmas leftovers. This year healthier options like Thai, Indian and Mexican were much more popular.” said Emer McCormack, Marketing Manager at Just-Eat.ie.

Telly and a Takeaway

As the bills roll in after the Christmas splurge it’s no surprise that people will opt for a night in front of the box with their favourite takeaway – it seems the telly and a takeaway is back in vogue.

Figures from Just-Eat.ie show a new trend where people are ordering takeaway while watching their favourite TV programme. Viewer numbers and takeaway orders spike correspondingly for popular TV programmes like The Late Late Show, The All Ireland Talent Show and Coronation Street.

“People order takeaway twice a week on average and although Sunday is the most popular day for ordering, as most of us are in chill out mode, I won’t be surprised to see a weekday becoming the most popular for ordering takeaway in January.” said Emer McCormack. “At the moment Monday and Tuesday are the most popular with bargain hunters as the most special offers and meal deals are ordered on these days.”

Treats for Tallaght as €5 Comes to Town

Latest figures from Just-Eat.ie show that Tallaght residents order twice as much takeaway than anywhere else in the country. The most popular days for ordering takeaway in Tallaght are Friday and Saturday with an Indian curry the most popular cuisine.

“Tallaght has one of the biggest (64,227) and youngest populations in the country and a sizeable student population. This demographic typically lead a busy, on-the-go lifestyle so it’s unsurprising that there are increased demand for takeaways. We’re delighted to offer the €5 Feast in Tallaght for the month of January with a huge range of choice from Indian to traditional Irish to Italian.” said Emer McCormack.

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