It’s hard to know what to make for lunch every day. And we can’t count the number of times we’ve run out the door leaving our lunch in the fridge behind us. You just never know when you need a bit of lunchtime inspiration. Just Eat is here to make lunchtime exciting again! It’s hard to whittle down our favourite options but we have chosen five delish dishes that will make your Monday to Friday absolutely irresistible.

Monday – Do Falafel

Lunch | Just Eat

Monday mornings are never going to be fun, so why not start the week off on a high note with a delish order from Do Falafel. Take your pick from vegan to vegetarian sandwiches or perhaps a Mezze Box, which includes a falafel five-piece, hummus, chickpeas salad, cabbage salad with aubergine fries, and a choice of halloumi, pickles, olives or baklava. You really can’t go wrong with this lunch order.

Tuesday – Akaka Poke

Lunch | Just Eat

A signature bowl from Akaka Poke is a must for a lunchtime order. Perfect for our vegetarian, vegan and flexitarian friends who fancy something heavenly and bright on a Tuesday. One of our favourite orders is the Shrimply Delicious Bowl – a refreshing mix of shrimp, avocado, cucumber, edamame, wakame and fresh lemon juice. The food envy will be real for all of your coworkers when this poke bowl gets delivered to the office.

Wednesday – Mao

Lunch | Just Eat

It’s mid-week, the weekend still feels so far away and the workweek slump has truly set in. There’s really only one solution for this: the Thai, Asian Fusion delights of Mao! Perk up your Wednesday with a Thai Green Curry, or perhaps something a little sweeter with the Honey Sesame Chicken, or maybe a Lemongrass Chicken Salad, the options are endless and will no doubt cheer up your team; so send that group lunch email!

Thursday – The Good Food Store

Lunch | Just Eat

Sometimes it’s just hard to beat a hearty salad or a delicious sandwich/wrap or toastie. And The Good Food Store has some irresistible options like the Lemon Chicken Baguette, with sundried tomato and guacamole. The Halloumi Toastie is ciabatta perfection with sundried tomato pesto, roast red peppers, and rocket. Or you could even build your own salad box with pesto or harissa chicken. Ideal!

Friday – Burger King

Lunch | Just Eat

If you’ve been following our lunch suggestions for the whole week then you are in definite need of the cheekiest of lunch orders. The holy grail that is Burger King! We really don’t know where to start here because every option on the menu is delicious and you will not regret ordering such joy to your office on a Friday – celebrate the weekend in advance!

Talk about a week of delicious and exciting dishes that are sure to make all your work colleagues full of food envy! Just Eat has a huge range  So don’t forget to share the love and send around the odd lunch email. Your co-workers will thank you!