Love Island fever has truly taken over the nation! We can’t look left or right without seeing or hearing something about the reality show phenomenon. If you’ve resisted the temptation of watching. We don’t know what you’re waiting for! Just Eat is delivering Love Island on 3e this summer and you can catch up now on 3player!

As true fans of really delicious food and even juicer reality television, we couldn’t help ourselves in comparing some Love Island contestants this year to some of our favourite dishes on Just Eat. So let’s see which Love Island dish translates to some of our favourite Just Eat dishes! All just a tap away from being delivered to your door this evening.

Laura – Spice Bag

Laura Love Island - Chinese Spicebag Takeaway

Laura has always been a bit spicy and just like a spice bag there’s a whole lot of personality all mixed up in one! You can never be too sure just how much spice you’ll get on any given day though so be careful! Laura has become one of our villa favourites though with her upfront honesty, especially when talking to Wes; stating “I am looking to find a husband” so we’ve paired her with the iconic Spice Bag, a match made in heaven! Want to pair up with your own spice bag? Order a Spice Bag from your local Chinese tonight!

Dr. Alex – Vanilla Ice Cream

Alex Love Island - Ice-Cream Takeaway

Hey! There’s nothing wrong with vanilla ice cream, it’s a reliable old favourite. You always know what you’re going to get here. Although like Alex, don’t order any if you’re holding out for some decent conversation, it is neither Alex’s nor the ice cream’s strong point!

If you’re maybe looking for something a bit more exciting Just Eat has a range of ice creams to choose from that can be delivered right to your door. Check out our Ice Cream for Delivery in Dublin, and treat yourself.

Meghan – Masala 

Meghan Love Island - Indian Masala Takeaway

Now don’t get us wrong, we rate a Masala massively but they can be messy, *cough* like Meghan. Saucy but chaotic! A Tikka Masala can be a real game changer, just like Meghan’s entrance into the villa but we recommend proceeding with caution, things can get a little out of hand if you don’t keep your eye on the ball with this dish! If you’re looking to spice things up with a Masala, Spice of India in Dublin have one of our favourites.

Josh – Kebab

Josh Love Island - Kebab Takeaway

Now we have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Josh. We just don’t know if we can forgive him for what he did to Georgia, but he’s so happy with Kaz and has such a cheeky smile and loves answering his own questions. That’s some quality banter. Look at us with a full-on Josh crush! Anyway back to the point! Like Josh, kebabs are a total mess depending on how you handle them but usually worth all the effort in the long run. We can’t deny a perfect kebab mix of spices and succulent lamb it’s just so dreamy – a little like Josh. Sometimes! Kebab Corner in Limerick has some unreal meal deals that are perfect for a cosy night in.

Samira – Korma

Samira Love Island - Indian Korma Takeaway

Samira is definitely one of our favourite ladies in the villa, she’s caring, always offering a shoulder to anyone who needs it and some quality advice for the main part! She really is the perfect pairing for an Indian takeaway in our minds – we’re thinking a Korma. We love to curl up with a cheeky but comforting Korma after a long day – you just can’t beat those Indian spices perfectly blended in a creamy sauce. Sign us up! If you’re looking for your very own Korma to order, check out Korma At Home in Meath.

Wes – Pizza

Wes Love Island - Pizza Takeaway

Some days we just don’t know about Wes, but we still always find ourselves coming back to him. Just like we usually find ourselves going back to order pizza for a cheeky night in. He’s always up for a laugh and is definitely persistent with keeping Meghan just like how pizza is incessant on staying in our lives and we’re completely a-okay with that. And like Wes famously said this season “We’re on Love Island, not loyalty island”, you can be sure we’re not loyal to any particular pizza topping and enjoy changing it up! Base Wood Fired Pizza in Dublin has a pretty great range of pizzas to choose from.

Dani – Fish & Chips

Dani Love Island - Chippy Takeaway

We were immediately drawn to Dani with her no-nonsense ways and upfront honesty. She is who she is and we respect that. Which is why we’d pair her with Fish and Chips, there’s nothing complicated here; it’s a simple, comforting classic. It’s just good, no bluffing here, everyone enjoys this dish – just like how much the nation collectively loves Dani! Tonys Fish & Chips in Limerick have some great meal options for a family night in.

Jack – 3 in 1

Jack Love Island -Chinese 3in1 Takeaway

Be still our beating hearts! Jack truly does shine out of all the guys which is why we have paired Jack with a 3 in 1, a standout dish in its own right – he really is the perfect three in one, funny, caring and loyal! Need we ask for more. Also, this dish is perfect for one, no sharing Jack or the 3 in 1 here! 3 in 1 Skibbereen in Cork will have you set up for the night to watch Love Island.

Caroline – Chinese

Caroline Love Island - Chinese Takeaway

We know! Now she’s not a contestant but could we really leave out The Flack Attack in our pairings? We see the queen of the villa as the queen of takeaways: the Nation’s beloved Chinese takeaway. It’s hard to go wrong with whatever Chinese variation you choose from, to be honest, but we’re always a fan of a classic Chicken Curry, it’s a cracker of a dish, with a little spice and we love seeing it come to the door the same way we get excited when Caroline slow-mo walks into the villa. That’s how you make an entrance! Eternal Chinese in Dublin has some cracking Chinese dishes to choose from.

Adam – Vindaloo

Adam Love Island - Indian Vindaloo Takeaway

Phew! Adam is almost too hot to handle. But maybe not for the best reasons. He played a messy game and was certainly someone you would need to keep your eye on before being evicted from the villa. Just like Adam you need to keep your eye on a Vindaloo too – it’s not for everyone, it takes a special someone to be able to tame all that spice. Indian Moon in Cork has a selection of Vindaloo dishes to choose from that might just be right for you!

Georgia – Sweet and Sour

Georgia Love Island - Chinese Sweet & Sour Takeaway

You just don’t know what you’re going to get with Georgia, some days she’s perfectly sweet and lovely the next sour and ready to wreak havoc in the villa. Which is why she truly is the perfect pairing for our Sweet and Sour dish. Although like Georgia we’re loyal to this dish, so loyal, we’re just loyal – that’s just how we are. If you too are loyal to a Sweet and Sour dish you can order yours from Mango Tree in Dublin.

Do you agree with our Love Island food pairings? Or maybe you have some other suggestions of dishes you’d like to couple up with? Well in that case head over to our Facebook page and let us know, we’re giving away €10 Just Eat vouchers to a lucky few in July.

Oh, and what are you waiting for? Crack on with your perfect pairing on Just Eat.