You probably have a faint memory of thinking that your boss was really sound paying you a week early in December, so that you’d have plenty of precious moolah for Christmas. With the end of this chilly, long old month in sight, we give you some takeaway-inspired money saving tips to push you over the finish line into February. Which, remember, is only 28 days long. And then it’s pretty much Spring, isn’t it? #minifistpump

1. Enjoy a breakfast of champions
Eating the leftovers from last night’s takeaway for breakfast is a tastier and more economical substitute for an actual breakfast.

pizza infinity

2. Try avoid that grey mystery meat at the back of the freezer

A curry meal deal is far more delicious

freezer JUST EAT

3. Don’t get dressed
You know what’s expensive? New clothes. So pop on that hole-ridden onesie and park yourself on the couch until payday.

pizza onesie

4. Sell some of your stuff
Sell some items and get takeaway in return. Spoon anyone?

spoon- selling

5. Make the most out of your delivery driver
Use the ‘leave a note’ box on JUST EAT to politely ask the delivery driver to run a few errands on the way over. Like the soundest delivery driver ever from Mekong Santry. He went the extra mile by picking up a PS3 controller & Fifa for a customer at another address #minifistpump. (NB They probably won’t do this, although they might draw you a nice picture of a dinosaur if you ask nicely).

JUST EAT delivery guy


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