The Christmas office party season is well and truly upon us, and that means festivities galore. Whatever your plans we’ve got a few handy ideas to help you survive without getting handed a P45…

Do: Eat before

Yeah, yeah, we would say that. But come 9pm, when you’ve been drinking nothing but gin and tonics, you’ll instantly regret declining the offer of some pre-party pizza.

Don’t: Go near your phone

Bury it in the garden for the night to avoid texting your ex, adding your ex’s new partner on Facebook, accidentally ‘liking’ someone’s Instagram post, or all of the above. Although waking up after a party to find you’ve sent no texts is always a win win.

Do: Create the ultimate playlist

Sometimes you’re just feeling a bit bah humbug… Prep yourself for the festivities with a curated Christmas playlist to get you in the mood if you’re feeling a little un-festive. You’ll be ready to put your dancing shoes on in no time.

Do: Order a festive feast on the way home

Because there’s no better feeling after a night of free drinks than waking up to find you ordered enough takeaway on the way home to last until New Year’s Day. Pad Thai for breakfast anyone?

Fancy a festive feast? Why not check out what’s on the menu in your area? Order now