All so called ‘experts’ in social media will tell you that you need to jump on bandwagon and start writing blogs, create a Facebook fan page, and set yourself up a twitter account for your business. I don’t rate these so called ‘experts’ at all, the fact of the matter is that there is no such thing as a ‘social media expert’. Businesses overall main objective is to make money, cover overheads and make a profit, so how can social media actually help you make more money? The answer is it can’t and it won’t!

By all means jump on the social media bandwagon but don’t count on it as a revenue stream as you will be bitterly disappointed to discover that it will not yield revenue- which of course is your overall objective in business, isn’t it?  It is important not to spend too much time dreaming up strategies that simply are a waste of time.

There is no argument to suggest that social media isn’t  a great communication tool because it is. Why? Well you can relay real-time information that traditionally would take a few hours to disseminate to the people that matter ‘your customers’. uses Twitter and Facebook as a communication tool and not as a revenue stream and in actual fact from time to time we give away free €20 voucher to spend on, this is the way this channel should be used.

Written by: Emer McCormack – Online Marketing Manager @