The votes are in. The people have spoken. Move over 3-in-1, Ireland’s new favourite takeaway dish is the Spice Bag!

For those who are not aware a spice bag is crispy chicken/chicken balls, chips, and a mystery blend of Chinese spices all shaken up in in a bag or box.

This spicy miracle has cropped up all over the country in the last number of months and it’s easy to see why. The humble paper bag exterior hides a taste explosion capable of curing any morning-after fear or elevating any Netflix marathon to the next level.

There are spin-offs and variations all over the country. It’s even evolved into the Munchy Box – a party sized spice bag served in a pizza box! But however you like your spice bag JUST EAT has you covered. Order one from your local chinese tonight on JUST EAT!

Humble Spice Bag, we salute you.