The Apple iPad may not have yet officially launched in the Ireland, but that isn’t stopping the device from performing better for retailers than the iPhone.
Despite having not being released in Ireland yet, an initial like-for-like comparison of conversion rates of visitors to buyers has revealed that the iPad is going to be a much more effective online buying platform than the iPhone.

Ireland’s leading takeaway website,, analysed the operating systems people use to order takeaway food through, and discovered that despite the fact that the Apple iPad has not yet been released in the Ireland; hundreds of owners are already using the device to order takeaway food online and its sales conversion rate is much higher than iPhone users.

The company’s statistics show that, on average, iPad sales conversions are running at 1 in 3, 34.9%, of browsers ordering, yet iPhone sales conversions are running at 7.64%. The iPod Touch browser to buyer conversion rate stands at 10.62%.

The Just-Eat network service more than 45,000 meal orders in any given 24 hour period, and has decided to release the information regarding the operating systems people use to access the Just-Eat website from, in order to show the potential of the iPad with regards to online retail.

The iPhone accounts for ten times more traffic to the site than the Android operating system, Symbian Operating System or RIM’s BlackBerry browser, whilst twice as many people use the PlayStation 3 browser to access the website when compared to the Nintendo Wii.

Here are the top methods users of use to access the website, not including access through Windows or a Mac.

  1. iPhone – 58.7%
  2. Linux – 11.54%
  3. iPod Touch – 7.64%
  4. SymbianOS – 5.85%
  5. Android – 5.85%
  6. BlackBerry – 5.04%
  7. Playstation 3 – 2.11%
  8. Nintendo Wii  – 0.98%
  9. Sony – 0.81%

10.  Samsung – 0.65%

11.  iPad – 0.49%

12.  Nokia – 0.16%

13.  LG – 0.16%

Managing Director of had the following to say,

“As soon as the iPad was announced, we were quietly confident that it would be an online retail game changer, as its simplicity and hassle-free design lend nicely to browsing whilst sat in front of the TV, often the time consumers are most likely to buy or order online.

“The device hasn’t even launched in Ireland yet and we’ve already seen more site traffic via the iPad than via established web-ready portable devices such as the Sony PSP.”

He continued,

“Thousands of people access website every month using the iPhone web browser, and we fully expect the iPad to exceed this after launching at the end of this month. We are extremely excited about the potential of the iPad, especially after this great start, and truly believe it will be a huge sales driver for many retail outlets online, including ours.”

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