HealthyPosted on 08.08.2014

What’s Healthier – Japanese Please

Chicken katsu curry

Wherever you go in the world, you’ll find a local version of deep-fried breaded chicken. The Japanese version comes with a tasty curry-style sauce.

First, the chicken breast is seasoned then dipped in beaten egg to make it sticky, before being rolled in those orange panko breadcrumbs. Next, the chicken is deep fried until crispy.

The sauce is generally made from fried-up onions and garlic, with curry powder or garam masala and a dollop of honey and soy sauce for good measure.

You will find healthy, balanced ingredients in a katsu curry – think onions and garlic – but there’s quite a glug of oil going in there, the honey is basically sugar, and the soy sauce is very high in salt.

Enjoy it guilt-free by plumping for white rice instead of the dried stuff or noodles – that should cut down on some of that oil.

Tofu ramen

This is a wonderfully healthy hug in a bowl. Ramen means noodles, and tofu is fantastically nutritious, not to mention ultra-low in fat.

Tofu is made from soya beans, which are a great source of protein without all the saturated fat. It also contains plant compounds which are good for your heart if you eat enough of them.

Tofu also acts like a sponge, which is great for soaking up a ramen broth containing vitamin-laden orange and ginger.

The noodles can vary – they may be pale and wheat-based, or the darker ‘soba’ or buckwheat noodles. The browner the better, as this will generally mean they’re higher in fibre, which is all rather good for your digestive and circulatory systems.

Tofu Ramen this time your victorious in the healthy stakes!