HealthyPosted on 13.06.2019

What’s Better For You – Chipper Edition

Bold – Battered sausage

This meaty monster has got to be among the naughtiest of the chip shop dwellers. Dipping something in batter and deep-frying it may make it inexplicably tasty, but the fact that it’s been swimming in oil means it will have soaked up a hefty amount of fat. That sausage is going to be a naughty choice before it even gets near the fryer, and much of the fat it contains is the saturated kind we’re advised to have in moderation. Savour the saveloy, but enjoy it as a treat.

“Ouch. I got battered last night.”

Better – Small fried cod

Yes, it’s still deep-fried, but you are in a chippy. At least what’s inside the crispy coating is healthy this time. Super-healthy, even. White fish like cod and haddock are ultra-low in fat and calories, and a good source of protein, too. And remember that some fish and chip shops fry in oil that’s a bit better for you. By going for a small portion, you still get the chip shop experience without overloading yourself. The same goes for sharing that massive bag of chips rather than indulging in your own portion…

Ah, so when you said we were having a CoD night…

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