HealthyPosted on 10.05.2018

Triathlon Treats: Healthy Treats for those Cheat Days

It’s never easy sticking to the clean-eating life 24/7. It’s ok to indulge on occasion and you can be sure when you’re training for a Triathlon, you don’t have much free time to find the healthier options when ordering food.

As the official partner with Triathlon Ireland, we have put together some of our favourite healthy cheat meal treats to help you fulfill those cravings of yours but also to keep you on track with that healthy lifestyle you’re leading. Look at you living your best life, having balance and enjoying your food (go you!).


Who doesn’t love a cheeky prawn? What’s even cheekier is the Jhinga Chaat Prawn Plate from Bombay Pantry in Wicklow. Stir-fried prawns with shredded slaw, plum tomatoes, with fresh ginger and garlic. This dish is under 300 calories, gluten free, dairy free and paleo friendly. So you can enjoy this meal with absolutely no guilty feelings whatsoever, pretty sure we’re doing god’s work here.


Ok, so not exactly your typical cheat meal but some salads can have an extra tasty twist that just makes them seem like a perfect treat while still being a healthy choice. One of our favourites is the Pulled Chicken Chipotle salad bowl form Chopped, with a selection of greens, chipotle pulled chicken, spring onion, tomato and mixed beans all in a BBQ dressing it has us ready to order one now. It’s the perfect lunchtime treat to brighten up your day.

Phad Krapow

Looking for a spicy cheat meal? Well, we have you covered with the Phad Kraprow from Saba – this dish boasts bird’s eye chilies, garlic, string beans, peppers, baby corn, tomatoes, holy basil and your choice of meats or tofu for all of our vegetarian friends. Saba also has paleo and vegan-friendly options on their menu if you’re not too much of a spice fanatic. It’s definitely worth a look if you feel like an end of week cheat meal!


Who doesn’t love a burrito? Bowl, wrap, whatever form it comes in we approve. And a burrito as a cheat meal we say is always a good idea. Especially the Spicy Beef Burrito Wrap from Henchys in Galway. This baby is jam-packed full of sour cream dressing, jalapeno peppers, beef slices, mixed peppers, mozzarella cheese & fajita seasoning. Yes and yes. Did we say yes?


A perfect treat that won’t ruin all that progress you’ve made preparing for your triathlon. the variety of a smoothie makes it all the better – whatever your flavour is you’re bound to find it. Some of our favourite ones can be found in Chopped. The Peanut Butter Smoothie (peanut butter, protein shot, banana, yoghurt, skimmed milk) is the perfect balance between a sweet treat and keeping you on that health buzz. You can check out all of their smoothie selection here. Be the envy of all your co-workers, being healthy and stuff!

Just Eat has a range of healthy options that are perfect for lunch pick me ups or evening treats, or if you’re really committed to your meal prep you can order meal packages that will set up your healthy lifestyle week in week out. Check it out in full here.