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Top Paleo Restaurants in Ireland

Paleo; What’s it all About?

For those of you who don’t know what Paleo is, here is a simple breakdown: The Paleo diet is based on Paleolithic eating, basically eating a diet full of whole, unprocessed foods such as vegetable, fruits, lean meats, seeds and nuts. Let’s face it, there have been quite a few years since the Paleolithic period, on which the diet is inspired, but its relevance rings true to this day and many Irish consumers are seeking to simplify their diet and embrace the full health benefits on offer.
By following the Paleo guidelines, sometimes your options can seem quite limited, as you cut out wheat, grains, soy, beans, and dairy.
This may sound rather extreme to many people and especially when it comes to ordering takeaway online, we often hear the question ‘how do I get a Paleo meal I can trust?’ from our Irish customers and it’s an excellent question and something we’re committed to ensuring is answered and addressed in full.

The following ‘Paleo Cheat Sheet’ serves as an illustrated guide to the do’s and don’ts of a proper Paleo-inspired diet here in Ireland and of course, more generally-speaking.

The idea is that the Paleo diet puts natural, whole foods front and centre of the palate, whilst avoiding refined carbs, sweetened or flavoured dressings and carbonated, processed or otherwise unhealthy ingredients that have crept into the Irish diet over the years.

Because the focus is on eating whole, unprocessed foods and this can be seen as the opposite to eating out in a restaurant or ordering a takeaway.

But thankfully, Ireland being the progressive and inclusive country that it is, has options for everyone’s tastes. With Just Eat offering takeaway choices from over 1,900 restaurants nationwide, we could identify at least 11 great restaurants in Dublin and further afield that cater for Paleo food lovers.

The list, in condensed format, contains the following healthy food proprietors:

  • Klaw
  • Saba To Go
  • Chopped
  • Póg
  • J2 Sushi
  • Bombay Pantry
  • The Punnet Food Emporium
  • Zambrero
  • Borlottie
  • Staple Foods
  • Paleo Meal Deliveries

Please read on for a more detailed synopsis of what on offer to our Paleo-minded clientele when ordering from each of these ten restaurants in finer, mouth-watering detail!

1. Klaw

This delicious new Seafood restaurant nestled away in the heart of Dublin’s world-famous Temple Bar area serves a wide range of delectable gems of the sea such as Lobster, Crab, Oysters and Prawns!

Super fresh seafood the paleo way is something the good folk at Klaw can guarantee, with a mouth-watering range of fresh oysters from Waterford, Galway Bay and Flaggy Shore served torched, naked or dressed. Be sure to check out their daily ‘Catch of the Day’ specials and enjoy the convenience of having Klaw delivered straight to your door exclusively via Just Eat.

2. Saba To Go

Thai and Vietnamese aficionados Saba To Go have so many healthy options with low GI, Saba Light and Saba Slim options and a paleo friendly menu with a truly unique range of healthy, inspiring Paleo dishes such as the Caveman, Primal Green and the Green Machine for those looking to adopt a more healthy approach to how they order takeaway food online.

The beauty of ordering from Saba is that with three main Dublin locales, they’ve got you covered wherever you’re ordering from on the Southside, with great early bird and healthy lunchtime Paleo options for those seeking convenience delivered to your desk.

3. Chopped

Chopped is Ireland’s leading healthy fast food retailer with over 19 locations. With a smorgasbord of fresh salad selections inspired by a surge in Paleo, Vegetarian and Vegan demand throughout Ireland but there’s something for meat-lovers too on their expansive menu! If you’re feeling creative, you can also make your very own bowl, box or sandwich with a great choice of healthy options.

If you live or work anywhere near a local Chopped restaurant, you’ll likely have noticed the lengthy queues out the door (and oftentimes around the corner) at busy lunchtime periods! Why not skip the queue and have your very own hearty, nutritious goodies delivered to your home or workplace with our online delivery options?

4. Póg

You’d do well to find a better paleo-centric eatery on the north side of the River Liffey, but thanks to our bespoke meals on wheels delivery service, you can now enjoy the wholesome fruits of a Póg culinary masterpiece from anywhere in Dublin City.

Nationally renowned on the health food scene for their famous ‘Paleo Protein Pancakes’, Póg also has much more to offer health-conscious Irish consumers, such as the paleo Egg Pot Breakfast and Almond Crunch Paleo salad.

5. J2 Sushi

Omega-rich in all the right oils and truly delicious by nature, Sushi is a paleo staple if you can try and avoid the rice! The cavemen were fond of a fine bit of fish and this hasn’t changed much in the interim millennia which now sees it front and centre of many an Irish health food lover’s palate.

We’d recommend you indulge yourself in J2 Sushi’s delicious Sashimi or Beef Tataki (Gyu-tataki) and a Baby Leaf Side salad to stay compliant, the miso soup is an excellent accompaniment to any healthy Japanese fare and J2’s is one of the finest we’ve seen served east of Mount Fuji!

6. Bombay Pantry

Fans of healthy Indian cuisine will be pleased to learn that Bombay Pantry have had Paleo-friendly cuisine on their radar for quite some time and now feature a Pure Paleo section on their menu as well as dedicated Superfood options.

If you’re looking for some inspiration from the vast array of exciting options on the menu, we’d suggest you check out the Goan Hunter’s Chicken Curry if you like a bit of kick in your healthy diet; no oil is used and the paste is freshly made on site, in store each day. For milder alternatives, why not try a scrumptious Salad Box!

7. The Punnet Food Emporium

Looking to stock up on healthy food for the week ahead? Look no further than The Punnet Food Emporium as your one-stop shop for all the supplies your body needs to keep you revitalised on a healthy eating regime.

Choose from an individual salad for lunch or a salad plan with 5 days of meals pre-prepared and served within handy keep-fresh packaging for you. Simply choose your meat, greens and an optional dressing from The Punnet Food Emporium and you’re ready to go paleo. The Wheatgrass Shots and Bullet-Proof Coffees are a must-try whether you’re visiting The Punnet or ordering online!

8. Zambrero

Zambrero is the ‘Mexican With a Mission’ and we simply love their ethical approach towards serving nutritious food with a strong sense of corporate social responsibility. Their innovative Plate 4 Plate initiative in conjunction with Rise Against Hunger sees social good being driven every time you place a wholesome and delicious order.

Simply choose the Bowl or Power Bowl from Zambrero. Order meat, lettuce, tomato/onion salsa, a squeeze of lime juice, jalapenos, guacamole and you’re in Paleo position! With outlets in Dublin and Cork, their good word is spreading fast and it’s one we’re keen to help Irish foodies know more about.

9. Borlottie

The highly-rated Borlottie is dedicated to nutritionally good food whether it’s low carb, high protein, paleo – they have it all available on Just Eat. Order from Baggot Street or the IFSC and check out the menu. We’d recommend the Paleo or The Gym Box ideal for maximum gym gain!

With a dedicated office delivery service from their central locations on both sides of Dublin supporting their ‘Eat Well @ Work’ drive, there really is no excuse for not giving Borlottie a try if you’re serious about letting Paleo food form a core part of your healthy living regimen.

10. Staple Foods

Fast becoming a staple on the Dublin health food scene (shameless pun intended), the minimalist style and wholesome menu served up by the Staple Foods team is geared towards pleasing those who enjoy the goodness of natural Irish ingredients. Filling, nutritious and perfectly balanced to cater to all paleo, gluten-free and dairy-free preferences, it’s easy to see why the orders are chiming in fast for this healthy fast food outlet.

The really interesting aspect of Staple Food’s sourcing strategy is that it leaves very little carbon footprint. With fresh fruit and veg are sourced from Dublin’s Smithfield Market each morning and its famous seven-grain bread produced locally at The Bakery on Essex Street. All meat served is 100% Irish traceable organic and coffee is supplied by the ethical trading champions 3FE in Grand Canal Street, in the heart of the Silicon Docklands.

11. Paleo Meal Deliveries

Have you perhaps tried some of the above options yet you’re still in search of the ultimate in self-managed Paleo convenience? Maybe you’re a little miffed that this list focuses predominantly on Dublin restaurants only? Well, if a full week of meals delivered anywhere in Ireland sounds right up your alley, then look no further than Paleo Meal Deliveries on Just Eat.

Healthy, convenient and tasty; pick what meals you would like for the week ahead and they are delivered nationwide right to your door.

How Can You Start Eating Paleo Food?

So, with the Paleo diet becoming quite the sensation throughout the capital and across Ireland over the past year, and hailing from the Paleolithic era where we lived on nothing but organic, grass-fed meats, nuts, fresh fruits and berries. It is often called “the world’s healthiest diet” and is far from restrictive; Paleo lovers are encouraged to eat the rainbow, dining on dishes of organic meats, veggies, fish, fruits, nuts, seeds, seafood and fresh herbs and that sounds pretty beneficial to us.

With this handy paleo dining and takeaway guide, we’re hopeful that finding paleo-friendly restaurants in Ireland should prove much less of a challenge and more of an exciting opportunity to expand your diet and help you find your flavour, fitness and zest for life!

Have you got any new and exciting alternatives you’d like our readers to know about? We’d love to hear your suggestions! Feel free to drop us a comment in relation to your favourite Paleo restaurants in the comments section below of drop us a Tweet, Facebook comment or Google Plus comment and we’ll aim to feature your recommendation within an upcoming health food feature.

Happy, healthy eating!