We love culinary inventions, especially those that seem like a good idea but completely fail. From transforming chopsticks to pasta twirling forks to cereal bowls to keep your cereal “just right”, this list proves that a bad idea shouldn’t stop you from turning it into a reality.


The starting point to any good-but-rubbish invention is thinking up a solution to a problem that wasn’t really that much of a problem. OBOL is the perfect example, claiming that it “solves the problem to soggy cereal” with its revolutionary “swoop n scoop” bowl. Firstly, is soggy cereal that wide-spread a problem? A problem we’re willing to solve with a $20 bowl? Secondly, the numerous videos explaining how awesome the bowl is (our favourite is the video that implies the Obol will help you get sexy-times) only highlight that holy-crap-it’s-ridiculously-huge. Which we can’t help but feel drastically takes away the convenience of, you know, bowls. Either that or very tiny people are advertising it.


Spaghetti, super tasty right? But all that work you have to put in to spiralling it around your fork sure makes it a lot of effort, if only there was an easier way: enter, the spaghetti fork! As the demonstration video shows here it makes eating spaghetti … erm, not much different. I don’t think many of us have really been struggling through putting spaghetti on our fork and if anything, the video makes it look a lot more complicated. It’s certainly not as over-engineered as the electric spaghetti fork but we won’t be putting down our fork and spoon any time soon.



OK, these, we like. Chopsticks are still fun to use when you’ve ordered a Chinese/Thai/Japanese takeaway but we won’t deny that we have some cutlery on standby for the trickier items (rice is still awkward for us!). So we like this rather neat solution; if you’re struggling, just flip the chopsticks over and ‘cheat’. Awesome.


OK, in theory, these sound amazing. If you need to peel potatoes, all you do is slip on the gloves and rub your hands all over the potato and voila, the skin falls off! Wow, that sounds revolutionary, it keeps the rest of the potato in perfect condition, you could peel the whole potato in seconds and no messing around with a peeler or knife … wait, what’s this in the small print? I have to boil the potatoes for 5 minutes first? Oh, erm, that pretty much entirely stops it from being useful. And reviews mention bits of the gloves falling off and transferring onto the potatoes. Ew. We’ll stick to the knife thanks.

(Information via: obolUncommongoodsrcbproductsHuffingtonpost)