Fish and Chips and Good Friday go together like salt and vinegar.

We pay tribute to the ultimate Friday night treat with our Reasons to love Fish & Chips this Good “Fryday”.


1. The History

Traditionally many people abstain from eating meat on Good Friday. The local chipper is an Irish National Treasure, an old reliable takeaway institution which gives those abstaining from meat a delicious treat to celebrate! While you may feel like throwing most tradition to the wind this Easter, you could definitely make an exception for this one!

2. The Fish

Fish is the ultimate chipper dish. You could go for a Snack Box or a battered sausage, but you’d only be kidding yourself because the fish is where it’s at. Cod or haddock, fresh or smoked, chipper fish is one of life’s simple pleasures.

3. The Chips 

Whether as a side or as a standalone nibble, the finest chips you’ll ever have are from the chipper. Perfectly battered fish is all well and good, but it pales without the golden wonder of a real chip – crisp on the outside soft and fluffy in the middle. Perfection.

4. For the love of Salt and Vinegar

Let’s face it you probably have salt and vinegar in your cupboard, but they’re not chipper salt and vinegar. Chipper salt and vinegar are magic.  The unmistakable smell of perfectly seasoned chipper chips makes you feel like you’re a kid again, standing on a freezing Irish beach, with the food in your hand to warm you up. All you’re missing is a bit of candy floss!

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