Gluten FreePosted on 08.05.2019

Sink your Teeth into these Gluten-Free and Paleo Eats!

It can be tricky trying to find paleo and gluten-free food options when you just don’t want to cook yourself. Why should everyone else enjoy the delights of having their favourite dishes delivered to their doors? So whether you’re looking for a lunchtime treat or a hearty dinner dish on a Friday night, we have chosen some of our most recent gluten-free, paleo friendly dishes that we think you’ll love too!


It’s hard for us to resist Thai food – that aromatic heavenly goodness just speaks to us like nothing else. It’s especially perfect for a Friday night treat after a long week, but that’s just us! The Green Curry from Tuk is something you definitely need to try. Cooked with tofu the curry has a little kick to it and comes with peppers, bamboo shoots, red chilli & fresh sweet basil. We paired ours with gluten-free egg friend rice – delish! They have plenty more Thai inspired delights that are worth ordering too. 

Staple Foods

We can count on many, many hands the number of times we’ve left our lunch at home or just simply not have the will to make lunch the evening before. It’s just not top of mind after a long day! Cue the Mexican Falafel & Avocado Bowl from Staple Foods. This vegan baked falafel is going to be your new go-to order, mixed with avocado, roast sweet potato, tomato & corn salsa with a brown rice base. Shredded carrot, celeriac, beans, chilli, jam, citrus dressed leaves top off this dreamy salad bowl. Discover all of their perfect lunch options. 

Saba To Go

Want to keep on that paleo life but also really want to order in some tasty takeaway? Look no further than the Green Machine from Saba To Go. This zesty dish serves up wok-fried broccoli, kale, Chinese leaves, Thai basil, sugar snaps, peas, ginger, bok choy, cashew nuts, carrots. Lime & chilli in a Saba paleo sauce mixes this perfectly aromatic dish together. You can also add your choice of meat or keep it veggie friendly too. There’s plenty more paleo options to discover and a few vegan ones too!

Firehouse Pizza

Yes, you are reading that correct. Gluten-free pizza is something you can order on Just Eat and we have no doubt your next order is probably going to be Firehouse Pizza now. You can have your choice of almost any pizza and all you need to do is simply select the gluten-free base option. The Chief Pizza is a new favourite of ours with classic firehouse sauce & mozzarella, chorizo, sausage, pepperoni, mushroom & baked ham. It’s a winner. As are the many other choices on their menu.

Bombay Pantry

Indian food really is in our top three favourite cuisines of all time. You really can’t beat that rich, spicy, fragrant combination that has a little kick to it. Trying to find paleo-friendly Indian can be tough but at Bombay Pantry – they have you covered with a range of choices. One of our go-to orders is Chicken Achari. A treat for the tastebuds with chicken cooked in plum tomatoes, onion, mango pickle, fresh ginger, garlic, chilli and panch poran. You can have your dish prepared to three different levels of spice depending on how hot you like your Indian dishes.

With so many foodie options out there it’s ideal that we can find just as much versatility that meets gluten-free and paleo needs. We’re already looking forward to ordering our next lunch bowl. Check out even more of these options on Just Eat.