Our Just Eat dublinbikes ambassador Mike has written his first blog about discovering Dublin City on the Just Eat dublinbikes with our Serving Up The City map, checking out amazing activities to sink your teeth into. Check it out:

Mike Just Eat dublinbikes ambassador

The other day one of my friends from back home asked me which would be the best places to visit for a short trip to Dublin. Having lived here for three years I felt compelled to give a detailed overview of the historic and cultural places in this fine city, but the only spots that I could think of were restaurants and bars! I ended up naming a few places that I had heard are popular with tourists, but having not been to any of them except for the Guinness Storehouse I couldn’t give an opinion as to which would be the most interesting. Needless to say, I was slightly embarrassed and it left me pondering about the pace of life and all sorts of other introspective things.

The problem is I didn’t really know where to start, and I was kind of hoping someone could tell me! Imagine my delight when I was handed a map of the city where someone had marked all the hidden gems and cultural treasures within a stone’s throw of the city centre. The map in question is the Just Eat dublinbikes Serving Up The City map. They have done all the hard work, researching the best spots to visit and marking the locations, alongside the nearest bike stations. It couldn’t be easier and I no longer have any excuses! So I decided to get started right away.

I love the fact that it’s broken down into appetisers, mains and sides to help you plan and prioritise. Having built up a healthy appetite already I decided to go straight into the mains, selecting a bike from Smithfield Square and heading straight to Kilmainham Gaol. I booked my ticket for the tour on their website, and I knew exactly how long it would take to get there because I checked my journey time on google maps. It’s amazing how accurate cycling journey times are considering you don’t have to factor in traffic. Within fifteen minutes I was facing the towering walls of this nineteenth-century gaol. I dropped the bike off at the station which is right outside.

There were around twenty other people on the tour, mostly overseas tourists. We were led into the old courthouse where some actors were playing out a scene in large screens at the front. Once the group merged together we were led to another room where our guide explained some health and safety procedures. We spent the next hour walking through the old gaol, learning about the historical figures who were incarcerated there, stepping into some of their cells, going through the tunnels and turrets and passing by the original chapel where prisoners were married. We were even shown the courtyard where some of the more famous prisoners from the 1916 uprising were executed.

Just Eat dublinbikes Kilmainham Gaol

For my first visit to a tourist location in a few years, this was an excellent experience which I would recommend highly, especially to those interested in Irish history and architecture. The tour guides are passionate and knowledgeable and the gaol is an impressive and somewhat intimidating place with so many stories locked inside.

The Just Eat dublinbikes are by far the easiest way to get there so if you haven’t signed up already I would highly recommend you go onto the website straight away. You will build up quite an appetite riding there and walking around for an hour so make sure you check the map for the local restaurants too!