By having access to a loyal ‘fan’ base on Facebook we have a fantastic opportunity to ask a few question from time to time to our friends. Today I asked a few quirky questions to obtain an understanding of what our fans really think of us and also to find out who are ‘fans’ are. Enjoy the read.

What is your name?

Joe Murphy

Are you in good form?

Yeah, actually. =)

How old are you ?


What do you do? As in occupation –

Administrator and online marketing guy for a nonprofit, plus I consult on online marketing for some small press publishers.

What part of this wonderful Island do you live in?


What are you passionate about?

Communication. Questions. Creativity. Food and drink. Games.

Have you used before?

Yes, but only a handful of times.

If so, what do you think of it?

Good. The site is bright and fairly clean. The user experience is good. The range of places I can order from is good. And the site has improved since the first time I used it.

How often would you order?

Maybe once a month?

What is your favourite food?

Japanese right now, but it varies a lot. Craft beer.

Daddy or Chips?

Chips, with brown sauce, thank you.

Why did you join our Fan Page?

Whenever we order food online, we google for vouchers. We noticed the Facebook page occasionally had some, and wanted to keep up to date.

Did you hear of prior to joining our Facebook Fan page?

Yes. But the page has encouraged me to stick around.

Do you like the way we communicate on Facebook?

*Definitely*. Warm, funny, engaging, chatty. You’re doing it right. I’ve used the competitions and the way they encourage the promotion of your brand (hey everyone, spam your pals!) as classic examples of how to use Facebook well.

Do you think we’re a cool brand?

I think so, yes. Takeaway food isn’t *very* cool, but you do it well.

Plus, your site’s good – I like the little bios.That sort of human face to an organisation gets me every time. It’s worth doing, but I know many organisations find that transparency threatening (like mine).

Thanks for taking the time out to answer these few questions, we think you’re cool .