We catch up with First Dates favourites Paddy and Kayleigh to find out if they have found their flavour yet!

paddy and lauren First Dates

Paddy and Lauren were the couple that stole the Nation’s hearts on the first episode. We caught up with Paddy to see what happened and was there a second date?!

“The whole First Dates experience was just..class…loved everything about it ..just great craic.I ordered the burger..big mistake…the juices were going all over the shop. And then we shared a chocolate box for dessert..great choice. After the show we went…Home..it was only 3 or so..so far too early to go out for a few. We did go on a second date a few months later though as Lauren was very poorly with her CF so we had to wait but we eventually got to the zoo. First experience of a date in general and a blind date is nerve-wracking. We still stay in touch..chatting up to this very moment. I paid the bill after plenty of opposition from herself but I stood firm..even gave a 10 euro tip…albeit accidentally. We just had a great connection and had good fun so a second date was a must. I would go on a blind date again, the element of surprise is great and saves all the grafting that would normally be put in.”

Paddy’s favourite food: “Pizza…pizza ..love a good Pizza.”


Kayleigh was set up with Ian, who sadly couldn’t remember her name but wouldn’t stop mentioning her behind. Let’s see how she got on…

“My experience with first dates was unreal! I had an absolute ball! Everybody was so lovely behind the scenes – very accommodating. First impression of my date was he’s actually kind of cute! The banter flowed straight away and he was easy to talk to! I ordered the chicken supreme and colcannon mash (had to ask what colcannon mash was haha) and then we shared the chocolate pudding box thing for dessert! It was a school night so we actually didnt head out afterwards! We haven’t had an official second date no, we bumped into each other on Stephen’s night and had a laugh and a few gins together but we basically txt every day! He’s still as mad for arses as he was when I first met him haha. We split the bill even stevens! I suppose a nail in the coffin was the name thing, it became a bit tedious an hour into the date that he still didn’t remember but I had to appreciate his dyslexia excuse haha he’s a great lad and his banter is brilliant, there is more than one side to Ian the Bean and I’m delighted that I got to know that other side to him after the date. He isn’t all about the arses believe it or not haha. Yeah I would go on another blind date again – sure why not! Lord knows I’m not good at picking lads out so no harm in getting someone else to help me find someone!”

Kayleigh’s fave food: “Skewered chicken satay with egg fried rice and a spice bag for good measure… ordered from The Garden House in Blanchardstown.”

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