First Dates Ireland is fast becoming our favourite show. So far cringe levels have been sky high and it’s safe to assume that at least half of the participants will find out that they went to the Gaeltacht/Courtown/playschool with their dates. It also demonstrates the few things that are just not acceptable on a first date.

So order on JUST EAT, fire up the TV and settle in for some serious dating DON’Ts!


pda first dates

PDA is the worst. According to our Valentine’s survey 30% of you described it as your worst dating nightmare. It makes couples and singles alike feel uncomfortable. The eskimo kisses and the baby-voice back-and-forth is enough to ruin anyone’s appetite.


2. Give weird compliments


Never tell a potential love-interest they smell like your dead grandfather. Laura from Maynooth was delighted that basketball star Conor was interested in seeing her again. Yet you could see the terror ripple arose his face as, in a moment of giddiness, she blurted that he smelt like her grandfather (deceased).


3. Order from the kid’s menu

first dates cringe 1

First comparing Alannah-Rose to her mother, Dawn also asked to order from the kid’s menu things only got worse from here. Far too much cringe to handle.


4. Be too over enthusiastic 

font is super

Avoid Jedward like enthusiasm about typography…or don’t – it did land James a second date!


5. Forget that you have actually gone on a date before

gemma first dates

When it quickly dawns on you that you’ve already dated before. But in the end, Gemma and Mark decided not to go on a second — well, third — date

At JUST EAT we know what makes for a perfect first date. And second date for that matter. We don’t mind sharing our chips. We’ll remember just what you like to order. We think you still look great after a long day at work. You go get into your pyjamas and let us take care of dinner.

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