1. Spork Fingers

Love eating with your hands, but feel like you’re letting down the other love of your life – plastic sporks? Worry no more. With Finger Sporks, you can combine the two into one really weird package. We guess you have to wear them all at once like a kind of plastic spork Wolverine – otherwise, what’s the point?

kitchen gadgets finger sporks

And you thought toe shoes were weird. (source)

2. Pug Mugs

You see a pug mug and ask, ‘Why?’ We ask – why not? Why don’t you marry boring mugs if you love them so much? We’ll be over here with our pug mug, having the best morning anyone has ever had. With our pug mug.

kitchen gadgets pug mug


3. The Reverse Microwave

The Reverse Microwave – cooling down your drinks with the power of VORTEXES. Drop in your drink of choice, and it creates something called a ‘start stop rotational sequence’ to create a ‘Rankine vortex’. Whatever that is, we don’t know. But it cools down your drink while keeping it in its original state.

drink chiller


See it in action:

4. Rib Tongs

Love ribs, but don’t want any of that delicious, sticky barbecue sauce to go to waste? Sticky fingers are a thing of the past, with these badass rib tongs. Also suitable for making sure you don’t lose any delicious flavour from your chicken wings. Genius.

kitchen gadgets rib tongs


5. The Pringle Tube Dispenser

Remember that time your arm got stuck in the Pringles tube at school, and all the other kids called you Pringle Boy for the rest of the year? No? Just us, then. Prevent any more cruel childhood nicknames with this awesome plastic dispenser.

kitchen gadgets pringle tool