Find Your FlavourPosted on 13.08.2019

Veg Out!

We're always on the look out for new dishes to try and to tell you all about them. Recently we have been wanting to look at some veggie dishes that we just love to veg out to. And alas, here we are! Vegetarian and vegan dishes continue to grow in popularity and we can see why. So many flavours, so many options and it's just yummy. 

So whether you're a veggie for life, all about those vegan vibes or a bit of a flexitarian like us, check out our top five dishes right now on Just Eat. 


Okay, so we're actually kicking off this blog post with a vegan restaurant that is serving some of the most delicious food in Cork. 143V have perfected vegan cooking and delivering some tasty treats to the lucky residents of Cork city. The Eastern Burger is especially fantastic, a house-made falafel patty, with fresh leaves, tomato, onion, garlic, mushrooms, pak choi and sundried tomato hummus. It really is quite perfect and paired with some rustic potatoes you really won't know yourself! 143V is one spot you need to put on your list for vegan eats.

Beast Eatery

Although the name might not sound vegetarian friendly, worry not! You'll find here some of the most delicious veggie and vegan bites in Dublin. There's no need to feel left our when all your friends want to order takeaway and you feel you can join in. We recommend the Cheese Steak Glory! Yes steak! Except it's like a Philly cheese steak but better... and vegan! Served with home-made roasties fries and a delish side salad. You might have to fend off you friends trying to grab a cheeky bite! 


We're obsessed with Thai food, or pretty much any Asian Fusion foods. Chameleon pack their dishes with a punch of aromatic flavours. The Balinese Yellow Curry is a perfect coconut curry from Bali that carries just enough spice. The flavours of black pepper, lemongrass, red chillies, nutmeg and galangal. Served with basmati rice and pickles. It's the perfect dish to curl up with after a long day. 


Salads seem like an obvious options when you think of vegetarian friendly dishes, but a salad done right can take things to a whole other level. And Freshii do salads right. Their fresh ingredients and perfect combinations make for a stand out menu. The Market Salad is the perfect bowl of field greens, spinach, quinoa, avocado, beet slaw, feta cheese, apples, dried cranberries, shredded carrots with a delish honey dijon dressing. Work lunch with the girls just got a lot more exciting.

What The Falafel

For a flavour filled meal time, falafel is the way to go. Heavenly light flavours that marry so well together that we don't know why we didn't write about this first. Falafel is just a way of life. Simples! What The Falafel have a diverse range of dishes that serve up falafel as the star of the show! In more ways than we could have imagined. Their Ciabatta Falafel with grilled halloumi cheese, red onion, tomato and green salsa is already convincing us to order it again. 

Such delicious dishes, with all of the vegetables! Veg out with your favourite cuisines on Just Eat. A tap of the app and your favourite dish will be en route to you.