Find Your FlavourPosted on 18.07.2019

All Around The World

We don't know about you but we were low-key banking on a slightly better Summer season this year. We had visions of us enjoying the gorgeous sunshine of last year... this year, but alas clearly that was not to be. Instead we're trying to cope with this humidity while dodging rain showers between the sunny patches! It leaves us pining for a tropical destination!

Well to ease our and probably your pain for the moment, we're taking a mini trip around the world with different cuisines from some of our favourite places. So we suggest getting all your friends round, and everyone picking a cuisine to order from so everyone can mix and match their favourite cuisines from around the world. That makes for one major foodie feast. Sounds awesome to us. 

Takeaway to Tokyo

Why not take a quick trip to Tokyo with some delish sushi! We're sushi crazy and would happily try every and all types of sushi available to us. It's hard to resist specialty sushi rolls like the Dragon Roll from Honkaku Sushi. Crabmeat is rolled with cucumber and topped with avocado and a chef special sauce. You also must get the Miso Soup to get the full authentic experience, teleport yourself to Tokyo with every sip! 

A Cheeky Trip to Italy

Pizza is life. We simply do not make the rules - it is gospel. Who doesn't want to spend a little time in Italy over the Summer? Talk about goals! Relax with an evening in in the Italian sun with a pizza from Lolo's Pizza and Pasta. We're particular fans of the Lolo's Pizza, which is a classic mix of tomato sauce, mozzarella, rocket, shared parmesan and cherry tomato. Did we suddenly become fluent in Italian? No... but that's how good this pizza is. 

Summer in India?

It hasn't exactly been the hottest of Summers here on the Emerald Isle so why not introduce some Summer spice with a little stint in India? Tadka House have an amazing selection of delicious Indian dishes that are sure to leave you only wanting to try more. One of our stand out dishes is the Kolhapuri Chicken, marinated chicken cooked with cumin, coriander, poppy seeds, grated coconut, sliced onion and tomatoes. It really doesn't get better. 

Mexican Getaway

Probably one of our top cuisines, we can't help but dream of a Mexican getaway, even if just over lunch! And our go-to as of recent has been tacos! Hard or soft shell, both are great, although the crunch of the hard shell hits different. VERDE are serving up a little piece of Mexican heaven with every order on Just Eat. The Chicken Tinga tacos are perfection, with chipotle sauce and a range of salsas, we love the sweetcorn salsa with lemongrass and scallion. 

Dreaming of Thailand

Is your mind taking to the beautiful landscapes of Thailand? Transport yourself with a relaxing dinner of Thai perfection from Sanuk. Any of the aromatic dishes are perfect to lift the spirits, Pad Ki Mow is a must order, flat rice noodles, with beef, chilli, garlic, cherry tomatoes, asian green, light soya sauce and sweet basil. We'd also recommend adding the Thai Butterfly Prawns as a starter, you won't be disappointed  with the lightly seasoned breaded prawns. Served crispy and with a peanut chilli dip. 

If that foodie feast doesn't take you on a little foodie trip around the world we don't know what will! Be sure to check out the countless other cuisine types on Just Eat, just a tap of the app and your dish will be on it sway to you.