Find Your FlavourPosted on 21.06.2019

Couple up with your Love Island Dish


It’s just not summer without Love Island on our TV screens and it’s back again for another season of laughs, drama and a rake of new Love Island slang that we have never heard of. We’re pretty much only talking about this show in the office all day. There’s always plenty of drama to unravel.


But with people coming and going to the villa it’s hard to keep up with who is who. Although some key personalities are definitely jumping out at us. And as we like to discuss food here at Just Eat, we’ve been comparing some of our favourite islanders to takeaway dishes, because logic! So why not take a look and see which dish you would couple-up with and what Islander it is correlated to.


Tommy - Curry


Some curry dishes will turn people's heads depending on how spicy they are - and the same could be said for Tommy. He’s inclined to turn his head 560 degrees apparently when a new girl walks into the villa!


Yewande - Pizza


Like a pizza Yewande can serve up something different every episode. While we’re all for trying different options on pizzas and love changing it up, Yewande seems to be serving up inconsistent feelings. However we’re still Yewande and Danny stans! Fingers crossed for those two!


Amy - Poke Bowl


Like a poke bowl Amy is one colourful character. Although if you add too much soy sauce to your poke bowl it might make things a little salty. Like how Amy is a little salty towards a few people in the villa - we’re tuning in tonight to see what happens!


Curtis - Carbonara


In pretty much any scenario a carbonara makes things better. And Curtis definitely thinks the same way, as he tends to be involved in almost every scenario giving motivating, inspirational speeches around the villa. Tbh we can’t wait for his Ted talk when he finally leaves the villa!


Amber - Sweet & Sour


A sweet and sour dish isn’t for everyone. But give it a little time and it could definitely become your new favourite. Which is pretty much how we feel about Amber, things started off a little rocky but now we rooting for Amber and Michael to win! A Queen!


What dish do you think works best? Do you have any suggestions of our own? Let us know! It’s interesting times in the villa and we’ll definitely be tuning in to see what couple will take home the Love Island 2019 crown. Curl up to watch with your favourite takeaway with just a tap of the Just Eat app.