Find Your FlavourPosted on 08.08.2019

Iconic Food Duos

There are so many iconic duos in history that have legendary status, Adam & Eve, Bonnie & Clyde, Drake & Josh, Oprah & Gayle! Legendary pairings that will serve the test of time. But can we find the foodie equivalent? We're alway looking for new foods to pair together, but more times than most it's hard to beat a classic combination. We've chosen our top five iconic foodie pairings that are sure to get your stamp of approval or inspiration for another order. 

Pancakes & Maple Syrup

Okay so this might not be the first food pairing that comes to mind when you think of iconic food duos, but when you get to thinking about it, it really is one delicious combination that cannot be beaten. The savoury sweet mix of fresh fluffy pancakes and the golden sweetness of maple syrup is one heavenly pairing that blows every other breakfast dish out of the water. Dollard & Co serve up some delish Buttermilk Pancakes that might make you question everything in your whole entire life. 

Ham & Cheese Toastie

A true classic that has served the test of time. It doesn't matter when you last had a ham and cheese toastie, it just offers a feeling of home that warms the heart. Sometime simple bites are better than dishes with countless ingredients. We're particularly fond of the iconic duo - melty cheese, crispy buttery bread and carved ham. You couldn't ask for anything more! The Good Food Store have some perfect toasties ideal for any lunch break, we stick with the classic. Roast ham, cheddar cheese, Ballymaloe relish on whole wheat. Sold!

Falafel & Tahini

This one might be a little more out there but trust us when we say you need this in your life! It's hard to beat the aromatic freshness of a falafel, and paired with tahini sauce it brings a perfect zest to the combination that makes for a refreshing snack that is hard to beat. What The Falafel do quite the selection of Lebanese dishes but their falafel shines bright in it's many different formats. We love the Pitta Falafel, served with hummus, aubergine, tomato, pickles, lettuce and of course tahini sauce (we always ask for extra!). If you're looking to change up your lunch order - then this is your spot. 

Burger & Fries

We couldn't do an iconic food duo post without mentioning the most iconic of them all! Forever a classic, forever being reinvented with new concoctions and flavour combinations! One of our favourites who is always changing up their burgers is Box Burger, and we have always been fans of the PBJ Burger. A beef patty with peanut sauce, strawberry chilli jam, crispy onion, crushed roasted peanuts, lettuce, pickle and mayo. We know, we know! Just, go, order yours now. 

Bagel & Cream Cheese

We're pretty big fans of breakfast food. It's just hard to beat it's goodness at any time of the day. We're especially fond of the freshness of a cream cheese bagel on a Saturday morning. Although it does also make for the perfect light lunch bite! O'Brien's Sandwhich Bar have quite the impressive bagel factory, we're fans of the Stars 'N' Stripes bagel that come with crispy bacon, tomato, cream cheese and guacamole. Delish! 

Have you tried all of our favourite iconic food pairings yet? Just Eat has a countless delicious food pairing available with just a tap of the app.