Find Your FlavourPosted on 01.06.2018

Healthy Habits: Flex Like A Flexitarian

Always one to be on top of the cool trends and what’s down with “the kids”, we’ve been hearing an awful lot about the flexitarian lifestyle recently. ‘The what?!‘ I hear you say, well good friends a flexitarian is just what it sounds like: a vegan or vegetarian with a more flexible approach to what can be included in their daily eating habits. Or to look at it another way, someone who mainly sticks to a vegetarian or vegan diet but makes time for the odd cheeky burger or chicken curry if their heart so desires.

The versatility of the flexitarian diet seems to be the big factor that is making this lifestyle such a trend and also keeping people mindful of what they are putting into their body when they do decide to indulge, you can make it your own – maybe you’re a vegan who wants to indulge in some dairy once a week or a vegetarian that wants to get there omega 3’s from the best sources so you have fish a few times a month or maybe some days you’re a vegan and others a vegetarian and sometimes after a night out you want an unreal burger and feel no guilt when you wake up the following morning.

So with that in mind, we’ve put together some of our favourite vegetarian/vegan and non-veggie dishes from different cuisines all at your fingertips on Just Eat. So you can choose one or the other, or both, depending on how flexible you’re feeling! We know, we know; we’re too good!


It’s hard to resist the tempting flavours of any Indian, so if you’re feeling a little healthy and want to keep on that vegetarian life then try out the traditional south Indian dish with onion and tomatoes ‘Vegetable Madras’ from Indian Curry Club in Dublin. Or if this is your flexi day we say celebrate with a Tandoori Butter Chicken from New Moon in Calow – need we say anymore.


Chinese food is good in any format in our book – Ming Court offers some tasty veggie dishes with your choice of rice or noodles or if you’re feeling a little bold a side of chips. For our flexi day, we have our eye on the King Prawn dish with Black Bean Sauce from Star Court Chinese Restaurant in Cavan – a perfect end of week treat to curl up with tonight we think!


Ok this seems like an obvious choice for people who mainly stick to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, and we agree, which is why Cocu in Dublin is an amazing choice for a lunchtime pick me up – you can create your own salad box with choice of greens, rice, and sauce and if you’re sticking to greens that day you can swap out your protein for falafel or tofu depending on your preferred flavour. Or maybe you want to add a little something something to your salad, Da Vincenzo in Limerick have a Caesar Salad and you can add grilled chicken or prawns if you’re feeling flexible.


Not your flexi day but still craving a thai dish to enjoy this evening? Well then we recommend checking out the Vegetable Makhanwala from Achari in Limerick, this dish is packed full of assorted seasonal vegetables, tropical preserved fruit, dry fruit & nuts, gently cooked in a tomato butter cream sauce drizzled with beurre fenugreek – sounds pretty tempting to us! However, if this is the day you’re allowing yourself a treat then might we suggest the Panang Curry from Papaya Fusion Restaurant in Kildare, cooked in coconut cream, topped with shredded lime leaves & basil and you can add your own choice of meat. Sounds perfect to us!

As healthy habits go the flexitarian life sounds like a pretty good one to us, a nice balance of a green based diet with some tasty treats thrown in on occasion.

Just Eat has so many more options for all of our flexitarian friends so be sure to check out what’s available in your area here.