Find Your FlavourPosted on 31.07.2019

Be the Change - New Dishes to Order

Here at Just Eat we love to try new dishes and cuisines every week. It's why we're committed to bringing you new choices from an array of restaurants every month. It's important to change up your usual order with something fresh and new! We've welcomed lots of new restaurants in the past few weeks so with that in mind let us take you to new heights and explore some new dishes that are just a tap of the app away. 

Dollard & Co

One of our newest signings Dollard & Co brings the goods. With a wide selection of dishes it's difficult to know where to start especially considering how each dish is better than the next! For the perfect lunchtime treat we suggest the Roasted Bell Pepper Salad Flat Bread. We know, you're already sold! These vegan flat breads are a must order, sun-blush tomatoes are paired with olives, toasted mixed seeds and green chilli. Delish. 

Union Café

Sometimes there just isn't anything better than a fresh crispy salad. It's a go to order for us on a sunny afternoon. Union Cafe is a new addition to Just Eat and we are already getting very well acquainted. The Goat's Cheese Salad is up there with our favourites. A crispy baby gem base, with beetroot, pickled red onion, candied walnuts, charred corn all in a lemon and herb dressing makes for an exciting lunch break. A new lunch spot worth an order to the office. 


If you haven't ordered LEON yet, you need to fix that immediately. You'll be the office hero as soon as you send a lunch email around with this baby included. LEON is fast becoming a delicious destination for dishes for any time of the day. We're particular fans of their Hot Boxes, especially the Chicken Hot Box Satay. Chargrilled chicken thigh, served on brown rice with a punchy satay sauce and finished off with parsley, mint and toasted seeds. A delight at any time of the day! Be sure to also explore the breakfast bites and vegan servings too. 


If you're feeling like a breakfast or lunchtime pick-me-up O'Briens Sandwich Bar is the way to go. Perfect for a Friday treat. We're big fans of the Signature Sandwich Range from O'Briens, the Hot Chicken Ciabatta will brighten up any busy day at home or the office. Chargrilled peppers, tomato, rocket, red onion, wrapped in a hot ciabatta with garlic and herb mayo. The bagels are also out of this world, the Vegan Supreme is a definite one to order. 


What even is there to say about WOWBURGER? Their burgers really are beyond words. Such deliciousness delivered to your door? A true blessing. The Bacon Cheeseburger might be the work of Gods, we haven't confirmed that yet. You can  be the judge of that! Two think 100% Irish beef patties, with two slices of American cheese and crispy tin slice of bacon in between a bespoke burger bun. you can also add a range of toppings to customise your burger and take it to another holy level of tasty. 

So many delicious new choices, and so little time! Just Eat is always bringing delicious new options that are sure to take your tastebuds to new heights. Be sure to follow us on Instagram for the latest updates on what restaurants are now online.