Loud and messy eaters have been warned – 37% of people hate it when their partner chews with their mouth open. Research by the Ireland’s leading online takeaway website looking at attitudes towards Valentine’s Day has also found that 1 in 5 women think that it’s a ‘waste of time and money’.


Research of 1,683 people has revealed that just 10% of men and women said Valentine’s Day was a day they looked forward to, whilst 62% said it was a good excuse to get cosy with their other half. 21% of men and 18% of women said that Valentine’s Day was a ‘waste of time and money’.

The study, carried out by the Ireland’s leading online takeaway website www.Just-Eat.ie, also revealed the biggest eating turn-offs.

26% of men were most irritated by fussy diet-conscious eaters, whilst 12% of women said that ‘proud burping’ was their biggest bugbear.

21% of men admitted that their partner helping themselves to their food was the biggest eating habit turn-off, compared to 9% of women who said the same.

When asked, “What are you thinking about during your romantic Valentine’s Day meal?”, 1 in 3 women, 32%, admitted that they were most worried about overindulging and ‘not being able to squeeze into [their] lingerie’. Half of men said they didn’t want to feel full before a potentially active evening.

8% of women said they’d be hoping they were ‘with someone else next year’, compared to 5% of men who said the same. 13% of women worry that their partner will ask them to pay for half of their meal, whilst just 4% of men are actually wondering whether or not their date will offer to pay up.

40% of respondents said their main thought throughout their Valentine’s Day meal was how much they ‘love and cherish’ their partner.

When asked, “What takeaway food gets you in the mood?” by Just-Eat.ie, 2% of women answered ‘doner kebabs’. 38% said it didn’t matter and that they were ‘easily swayed’, whilst Chinese led the way with regards to food to get her in the mood, with 28% admitting it was the cuisine they found most romantic.

48% of men answered that they were ‘always ready’, and that any food helped get them in the mood whilst 4% said doner kebabs were the most romantic meal choice.

3 in 5 women, 57%, would prefer a night in with a nice meal and wine, compared to 17% who said they were hoping to spend an evening out.

Speaking about the results, Ireland’s Managing Director of Just-Eat.ie said,

“We really wanted to have fun with some figures this Valentine’s Day, and thought: what better way than to look at the difference between the way men and women see the day?

“The most surprising result was that 1 in 5 women couldn’t care less about Valentine’s Day, suggesting it’s a waste of time and money! The fact is, there’ll be millions of men across the Ireland racking their brains as to what their partner would like, when in reality, there’s a good chance she’d be happy with nothing.

“Obviously, for us here at Just-Eat, it was great to see that couples prefer to spend the night in together with a nice meal and bottle of wine – in my opinion, it’s a much more romantic and intimate way to celebrate the day.”