FestivalsPosted on 06.06.2019

Festival Recovery Guide

Well, it’s that time of year again, where festivals are happening left, right and centre and if you didn’t buy tickets months ago you’re regretting it immensely as you wait for the FOMO to kick in. We all know Summer only officially starts when we start seeing all of our friends uploading every single picture or video of their festival experience on Instagram. We’re already getting ready to power tap through those stories!

Nevertheless, if you are in fact heading to a festival this summer, you’re bound to have one of the best weekends of your Summer. So enjoy every moment. And then when you’re en route home and in serious need of a recovery feast, look no further than Just Eat. A tap of the app and we’ll sort you out. Take some inspiration below of some of our favourite festival recovery dishes.

Spice Bag

We couldn’t start this list with anything but the iconic Spice Bag – it really is THAT dish. Whether you’re en route home from the festival or it’s the morning after and you’re reminiscing about the acts from the night before with your bestie. A spice bag makes everything better. Spicy shredded chicken with chips, spicy peppers and depending on your preference a side of curry sauce. Tbh we also opt for the curry sauce, because that is all we know to be true. Ocean Inn has a delish Spice bag that no doubt will have you on the road to recovery in no time!


Probably not your go-to thought for recovery food after a weekend at a festival. But maybe you’ve had your fill of greasy foods and want to start afresh with something lighter and a touch healthier. Sushi is always a good order, you can mix and match your favourites with some gyoza and edamame! Perfection. Umi Sushi and Bento, have an amazing selection of Bento Boxes that are perfect for whatever mood you’re in, our go to’s are the Veggie Teriyaki and the King Prawn Yakiniku.


Another classic recovery dish! Pizza is a good resolution for most of life’s problems to be fair – but it’s also a perfect festival recovery dish. And trust us, we’re the foodie experts! Firehouse Pizza offers a huge range of pizzas, from meal deals to gourmet pizza with gluten-free and vegan base options. The Feisty Fajita Chicken Pizza has been a recent order of ours and that spicy mix with guacamole is pretty special. We’d also recommend the Irish Farmhouse Cheese Pizza, perfect for our veggie friends too.

Burger & Fries

You don’t need to tell us twice to put an order in for burger and fries. After dancing the weekend away at your favourite festival it’s nice to recharge streaming another episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race with your favourite burger. WOWBURGER have perfected burger making. The Wow Bacon Cheeseburger is everything you need in this life. Two Irish beef patties grilled fresh, served with creamy American cheese and crisp thinly sliced bacon in a bespoke burger bun. We’re also loving the Wow Vegi Burger. Beetroot and sweet potato burgers served with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and raw onion. Yes, please!

There’s no doubt plenty of choice for perfect recovery dishes available to order on Just Eat and we’ll happily deliver them straight to your door. So you make sure you’re enjoying every moment of your Summer festival and we’ll make sure to deliver on the recovery feast.