So we posed a question to our facebook fans earlier in the week – what was their favourite cuisine?

Here are some of the answers!

Coming in at…


No. 5 – Japanese

Japanese -

No. 4 – Pizza!

Pizza -

Our Just-Eaters can’t get enough of pizza!  Multiple toppings, extra cheese, peppers – you name it, you love it!


No. 3 – Irish

Bacon and Cabbage -


Can’t beat the good old fashioned meals your mother used to make!  Number 3 on our list is pure Irish food.  An mhaith ar fad!

No. 2 – Indian

Indian Food -


Indian food – simply delicious.  And we’ve got a ton of Indian restaurants on our site – check out one in your local area now!


No. 1 – Chinese

Chinese food -


The number one cuisine for our Facebook fans is Chinese food.  Nom!


What’s your favourite Chinese dish?  Or indeed, your favourite dish in general?