Unless you have been living under a rock – you’ll know that the second installment of Fantastic Beasts is coming to a cinema near you this week. We’re a little shook. But while we can’t wait to see it – it did remind us of one of our favoruite past times – movie nights! There’s really nothing better than coming home, ordering Just Eat delivered to your door and curling up on the sofa for a movie night. Especially with the evening getting darker by the day. Can’t beat it, really.

So with that in mind, we’ve pulled together some of our best movie night dishes that are perfect for chilling out and sharing with your bestie, partner or a whole group of friends!

Burger and Fries

Burger & Fries | Just Eat

Not exactly your go-to order for a movie night but it certainly helps if the family isn’t too good at sharing food – everyone has their own dish and that’s that, kids! But hey – burgers are becoming ever more versatile with an endless supply of toppings or patties, you’ll be spoilt for choice trying to decide on Just Eat. The Hamburger Bar has all kinds of burgers that will no doubt satisfy any craving, everything from vegetarian, spice, fish and double-decker burgers.


Pizza | Just Eat

This is the classic movie watching food – pizza is just perfect for any movie scenario. As always it’s ideal for sharing with family or friends – especially if that one friend insists on getting pineapple on their half of one of the pizzas you ordered. But each to their own! We shan’t judge (a lot). And don’t even mention the garlic dipping sauce, that deserves a blog post by itself. The dream combination. Pizza Mór does all kinds of sizes of pizzas with countless toppings – so you can just get that friend that wants pineapple a smaller pizza. 


Chinese | Just Eat

This is certainly a weakness of ours. The aromatic dishes of Chinese cuisine have us weak already and we just started talking about it. Ordering a few Chinese dishes with your significant other is perfect if you guys want to try a bit of everything – which we absolutely do. We might actually spend more time trying the delish Chinese food than watching the movie this night – but hey some sacrifices are worth making. Jade Palace has some stunning Chinese dishes, and don’t forget about the spring rolls and sesame prawn toast. Divine!


Sushi | Just Eat

Not many people think of sushi when they envision a movie night and food. Hear us out though! Sushi platters are ideal for sharing with friends – especially if you have any friends that are vegetarian, it also allows everyone to try a bunch of different options as everyone can order different types of sushi. Sushi is also the perfect choice if you want something incredibly delicious but also super-healthy, no guilt on Monday morning for overindulging! And we didn’t even mention the gari and soy sauce! That’s reason alone to order sushi. The combo meals from Michie Sushi are absolutely perfect for sharing and you can try so many different types.


Ramen | Just Eat

This is such a perfect dish for a winters night and your favourite movie. There is nothing better than curling up with a vibrant bowl of ramen and just relaxing. It’s what these winter nights were made for. These dishes aren’t really ideal so, if like Joey you too don’t share food then this is a perfect option to order on Just Eat if you’re having people around too. We really do have it covered for all possibilities. The Ramen Super Soup from Ramen Asian Street Food is perfection – couldn’t ask for more!

Ok, now we definitely have to do a movie night – what could be more ideal than staying in with friends, good food and a movie! *brb making weekend plans* There are countless more dishes to explore on Just Eat for your very own movie night – so why not get to searching, maybe even host a themed movie night where the cuisine matches the movie, fun times ahead!