You know when you catch eyes with a Pizza, and it no longer becomes a Pizza but a thing of beauty? Of course you do!

It’s the kind of jaw-dropping scenario that makes you want to tell everyone you know that you’re about to eat something epic. But there’s often one problem: you’re lost for words. Yeah, we know how that feels too.

Worry not. We’ve created some new words for when ‘tasty’, ‘yummy’ and ‘delicious’ feel like they’d be doing your dinner a disservice. Try these…

CHEWMONGOUS /tʃuːˈmʌŋɡəs/
intimidatingly big and daunting to eat

SLOOPIFUL /sluːpɪf(ə)l/
beautifully irresistible and easily slurped

OOZACIOUS /uːzeɪʃəs/
(of cheese) perfectly melted, requiring either extended arm/neck movement or much fork twirling to pull apart

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Because sometimes “Delicious” is dull.