Left your card a bit late this Valentine’s Day?

Don’t worry, JUST EAT’s got your back.

We’ve made some genius V-Day cards for you and your lover to enjoy over a crispy spring roll or a slice of pepperoni pizza. Is romance in the air, or is it the tasty aroma of masala sauce? We’ll never tell.

Maybe they’ll be so unimpressed that you printed a card off a takeaway website they dump you on the spot. But hey, at least you tried.

If that doesn’t sweep someone off their feet this Valentine’s Day, it probably wasn’t meant to be.

Let’s just hope your other half loves takeaway puns…

Today’s about Love and Lust,

Let’s share a Pizza

And you can stuff my Crust

v day 2

When you don’t order and steal my food…

It p***es me off,

But I still love you.

v card 1


When I’ve stuffed my face with curry

And I’m no longer the mood

I’ll do it anyway

Because I love you

currymood vday 3


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