Diwali is a stunning Hindu festival of lights that is celebrated every year where families come together and light up their homes, light fireworks and enjoy family feasts together full of delicious Indian cuisine. The five-day festival is a spectacle of illumination and celebrates light over dark or good over evil essentially. The climax of Diwali occurs on the third day and the darkest night of the traditional month – discover all the details on the Diwali festival here.

So in celebration of this magical festival Just Eat has chosen some of the best Indian dishes that sparkle in their own right and are a perfect way to join in on the festivities no matter where you are!


We’re starting with a pretty popular Indian dish already, a Biriyani is the perfect order if you’re just venturing into Indian cuisine. The prime ingredient of the dish is rice with a choice of meat (chicken or beef are common choices) with Indian spices and vegetables to finish. This dish really has the ultimate taste as it includes all of the common ingredients of Indian style. Trying out a Biryani from Kathmandu Kitchen is definitely something worth considering.


A perfect side dish to have with any Indian main in our books! This little beauty of a dish is incredibly simple, part of why it’s just so tasty. The fried or baked dish is pastry filled with a variety of vegetables – traditionally made up of spiced potatoes onions, lentils, and peas. Some other modern interpretations can include other variants but they should always be accompanied with chutney (at least in our humble opinion). You need samosas in your life – it’s just fact and Namaste India have some delish samosas that can be delivered to your door.

Butter Chicken

This dish is incredibly good and has a little edge to it in that the dish is smothered in a spiced tomato sauce. The chicken is marinated for hours in lemon juice, dahi, and an Indian spice mixture to really bring fragrance to this dish. These spices usually contain a vast mix of ginger, pepper, coriander, turmeric, masala, chili, and garlic. It is traditionally served with basmati rice and the two are a perfect combination. This dish is bound to light up any evening – The Curry Garden has a selection of mouth-watering Indian dishes that all deserve your order.


A common street snack, Panipuri is found in many regions of India. The dish consists of usually round hollow puri, fried crisp and stuffed with a mix of chutney, chili, chaat masala, potato, and onion. Sounds pretty delish to us. It’s a pretty perfect addition to any Indian feast you order to your door. Dawat Indian Restaurant has some perfect Indian appetisers that are perfect for sharing.

Tikka Masala

It’s hard to deny the perfection of a Tikka Masala – this main dish is hard to miss with its bright orange creamy sauce. In the sauce are chunks of marinated chicken – the sauce contains a hearty combination of garlic, ginger, turmeric, garam masala, coriander, and cumin. Kashmir is definitely one of our favourite places to order from for Indian bites


Although this side dish isn’t as common as the ones mentioned above, it’s still as delish and something we think everyone should try when exploring the Indian cuisine. This steamed dumpling can be filled with different types of meat usually pork or chicken and accompanied with finely chopped vegetables like cabbage, carrot, flat bean, and potato. And served with some dipping chutneys. Absolutely one to check out from Khan Balti House that has prawn and vegetable momo’s – delish!

There are so many more beautiful Indian dishes worth exploring that you can find on Just Eat, but above is definitely a delicious little taster to get you started on your discovery of popular Indian cuisine. So why not invite some friends round and celebrate the message of Diwali tonight?!