In celebration of World Tourism Day – we wanted to take you, our reader on an exciting trip around the world! You don’t need your passport for this one, the Just Eat app will suffice. This day has been celebrated since 1980 and was created by the UN Tourism Organisation. So with that in mind, we wanted to celebrate this day the only way we know how – food!

As I’m sure you’re aware there are quite a few countries on this planet of ours so we won’t be getting around to all of them on this quick trip, but we’ve chosen seven that include some of our favourites. So let’s get to exploring some dishes from around the world – oh, and if one takes your fancy, you can have it delivered to your door on Just Eat.

Tacos, Mexico

We don’t know what we did in this life to deserve tacos but thank god we did it! Tacos are a handmade tortilla stuffed with beef, smothered in guacamole salsa, onion, cilantro and pretty much whatever else you fancy. This traditional version has seen many reincarnations including different meats and toppings. A perfect meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Verde is one of our favourite places to get some hard shell tacos – definitely worth a try!

Fish and Chips, United Kingdom

We couldn’t do a piece on dishes from all over the world and not mention Fish and Chips. This simple but absolutely delish dish first popped up in the 1860’s! That’s quite a while ago. It is very simple and has the basic fundamentals of a soft white fish interior with crunchy battered outside, and are perfectly matched with chunky (albeit greasy) chips! It’s been a staple in many regions including Ireland for decades and anything that stand the test of time like that without being altered is definitely a winner in our eyes. The Fish Bar has a range of fish to choose from.

Pho, Vietnam

We’re heading all the way over to Vietnam now to bring you the simple but mouth-wateringly perfect dish Pho. It’s frequently mispronounced but it is in fact “fuh” for future reference. This Vietnamese soup is made up of a broth, rice noodles, some herbs, and a meat, either chicken or beef. Although this dish does sound incredibly simple don’t be fooled, it’s fragrant, delicious and honestly perfect for a cosy night in as the evenings get duller this time of year. To find some delicious Vietnamese food, Jolin’s Vietnamese Coffee House has some fantastic choices and their Pho is worth an order. 

Sushi, Japan

We’re a bit sushi mad here at Just Eat currently. We simply cannot get enough of this Japanese cuisine perfection. What makes sushi so great is its sheer simplicity and healthy ingredients that have created a worldwide phenomenon. We can never decide which type of sushi is our favourite – probably because it all is. If you’ve never tried it, we say stop your world trip right now and order some on Just Eat – Wasabi have some amazing sushi options, so you can’t go wrong – oh an don’t forget to get some miso soup too!

Pizza, Italy

Sweet mother of God, do we love pizza. Pizza is life. Literal life. We don’t know how else to put it. Modern pizza was invented in Naples – and since its creation, it has spread like wildfire to become one of the most popular dishes around the world. To this day the pizza in Naples is created with simple ingredients but to perfection. So why not get the gang around and order some pizza for a night in. NKD Pizza do some delicious Chef Special pizzas that are all worth an order.

Massaman Curry, Thailand

To be honest, there are countless Thai dishes that could be included here – their cuisine is so diverse and delicious it’s an almost impossible task to only choose one. The Massaman curry is such a diverse dish with ranging flavours of spicy, sweet and savoury it’s kind of the hattrick of curries. It consists of meat, usually chicken, coconut milk, peanuts, onion, potatoes, bay leaf, cashews, cardamom and a range of spices all bundled together to create on top curry. Thai Garden do a delish Massaman Curry – perfect for a rainy night.

Falafel, Middle East

falafel Just Eat

The mighty falafel has seen quite the surge in popularity in recent years. It is thought to have originated in Egypt over 1000 years ago before spreading to surrounding countries. This deep-fried ball is made up of chickpeas or fava beans (sometimes both) ground together with various ingredients such as parsley, scallions, and garlic. Spices such as cumin and coriander are often added to the beans for additional flavor. Typically they are served in a pita and salad. Umi Falafel are sure to satisfy all your falafel needs!

We don’t know about you, but we are wrecked from that trip around the world! Talk about a whirlwind! We’re gonna go have a lie-down – but not before we order some Pho.

If you want to explore even more dishes from all over the world – be sure to check out what you can have delivered to your door on Just Eat.