Winter is coming finally over, and Game of Thrones Season 6 is here! Ever wondered what takeaway you would order if you sat in the Seven Kingdoms? Are you a fiery Targaryen? Or perhaps your dinner-of-choice would banish you to The Wall for eternity? Check out what house belongs to what takeaway!

Iron Throne


House of Lannister – Takeaway of choice: Chinese

A Lanni-stir-fry is the ideal dish for any Lannister. While Tyrion enjoys his Duck Pancakes, Jamie and Cersei love sharing a 2 in 1.


House of Stark – Takeaway of choice: Indian

When it comes to a rollicking medieval feast, the Starks are always looking for a lot of delicious bone-in meat that you eat with your hands. Tandoori Chicken is the perfect meal. Or an extra hot vindaloo to warm up in Winterfell!


House of Greyjoy – Takeaway of choice: Sushi

Sashimi, Maki rolls and Nigiri are the takeaway of choice in the Iron Islands. After all, Theon’s house motto is “We do Miso”.


House of Targaryen – Takeaway of choice: BBQ

Straight from Drogon’s mouth, Daenery’s takeaway of choice BBQ burgers, hot hot hot wings and all things chargrilled.

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