In case you hadn’t realised…DALLAS is back on our screens tonight.

So we said we’d put together some quirky facts, customs and pastimes that are typically ‘Texas’ – just so you can get in the right frame of mind!

First things first – ranches:


1.  Texas is known for its vast ranches.  The state itself has a large farming community – ranches can start from just a few acres up to several thousand acres.

2.  Texas is best known as the ‘Lone Star State’

3.  Texas is big – no…like – really big – 267,339 miles kinda big.   It’s so big in fact that if you were to drive it, it would be quicker to get from El Paso to California rather than to get back over to Dallas!



4.  Rodeo began in Texas! It was first held in Pecos on July 4th, 1883.

5.  This is the State Mammal – the Texas Longhord – need we say more? Wow.

And now for some quirky Dallas TV information…

  • There were 357 episodes, 1 movie and 2 reunion movies during Dallas
  • The first episode was aired on the 2nd April, 1978
  • Mark Graison (played by John Beck) ‘died’ twice during the show

And the big question – who shot J.R.?

Apparently it was Kristin, Sue Ellen’s sister!


It’s on TV tonight  – we’ll be sitting down – thinking about ordering in some steak tonight?  Along with a few beers etc. – make a Texan night of it!

Either way, enjoy! 🙂