CuisinePosted on 12.09.2014

Which Poppadom Scoffer Are You?

JUST loves everything about the humble poppadom. From that first satisfying crunch, to the last bit in the bottom of the bag that no-one else has seen.

But there’s a psychology* behind how people tackle the nation’s favourite curry staple. We’ve identified four types of poppadom eater, and can reveal what displaying such behaviour traits says about you.

The first-on-the-scene scoffer 
Where to find them: Lurking in the hallway.
What to look out for: They’ll hope no-one spotted the free poppadoms and try to nick a few, or sometimes all, before reaching the kitchen or living room.
What it says about you: You’re a lone wolf, destined to hunt for yourself for the rest of your life.

The karate kid
Where to find them: Kneeling on the living room floor.
What to look out for: They’ll present a stack of poppadoms then mercilessly smash it with one straight chop down the middle.
What it says about you: You’re a brutal warrior and no-one can stop you. Unless you eat too much curry and can’t be bothered to move off the sofa.

The pickle monster 
Where to find them: Refusing to leave the kitchen.
What to look out for: The pickle monster will strictly insist on the fair distribution of one poppadom per person and will then proceed to portion out every pickle under the sun. Even the really hot one that everyone tries once and never again.
What it says about you: Chaos is your enemy. You live by a code of honour and order.

The post-curry hoarder 
Where to find them: Hiding in a cupboard.
What to look out for: Suspicious and nervy behaviour around a seemingly empty poppadom bag. They spotted the sneaky last half and won’t be sharing it with anyone.
What is says about you: Not to be trusted.

*JUST is not qualified in psychology whatsoever so take everything we say is jest!

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