CuisinePosted on 11.01.2021

The Sweet Vegan Treats to order this Veganuary

We all need some sweet treats to make the month of January that little bit better.

What better way to enjoy them than ordering the vegan options available on Just Eat? Whether it’s ice-cream, cake, doughnuts and beyond you’re in the mood for, there are numerous restaurants  for you to place an order from on the app. Check out some of the variations of vegan sweet treats… 

Offbeat Donuts

The trusty doughnut, a favourite sweet treat in our eyes! Offbeat Donuts has 3 flavours of incredible vegan doughnuts for you to choose from: Vegan Caramel Biscoff, Vegan Chocolate Hazelnut and the Vegan Lemon & Poppyseed. Decided on one of each for a box of 3 or double up with a box of 6! P.s, exciting news… Offbeat Donuts is now available in Blanchardstown! 


If Boojum is your thing, you absolutely HAVE to try their incredible crispy, golden, cinnamony churros! They are made fresh to order, each freshly made portion is individually tossed in sugar and hand ground cinnamon. We can’t think of anything we want more right now! 

Nutty Delights 

If you’re nuts for nuts, Nutty Delights has a range of flavoured mixed nuts. Whether it’s the natural sugars of fruit you want or a sneaky treat of the cinnamon and honey nuts, there is so much choice on the menu! 

Base Wood Fired Pizza

After a feast of vegan pizza and sides from Base Wood Fired Pizza, finish off your meal with a large tub of Premium Arctic Stone vegan-friendly oreo ice-cream! The large tub will allow you to share with your housemates or family, but only if you feel like sharing! 

Box Burger

Remember when we told you about the incredible offerings from Box Burger’s vegan sister, Vox Burger? Well it doesn’t stop at burgers and sides! The team at Veginity supply their tasty vegan Cake Cups for Box Burger customers on Just Eat. Drool-fest!

What dessert will you be ordering for a post-dinner treat?

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