CuisinePosted on 14.08.2018

Ultimate Thai Curry Guide

We’re passionate about a lot of things here at Just Eat – and curry just might be at the top of that list. Gotta have your priorities, right? There are countless variations of curry dishes to try and share with your friends and family – but for this post, we want to focus on the selection of Thai curries that you can find on Just Eat that are perfect for all kinds of palates, from spicy to sweet to sour. We’re ready to give you the low down.

Probably the most obvious difference between the curries off the bat is the colour, red, green and yellow are the most well know of the Thai curries. The colour of the chilies gives each curry its signature hue and certainly, its own distinct taste and level of heat.

Green Curry (Kaeng Khiao Wan)

We might as well start with the fiercest of the Thai curry dishes. This dish is immensely popular in Thailand and considered the spiciest of the lot! Its green colour stems from the green chilies and is augmented by the addition of basil, kaffir lime leaf and coriander. Also added to the paste are lemongrass, shrimp paste, shallots and a nice helping of garlic. We’re already ready to order if you ask us! Although spicy this Thai curry has a sweet element due to a large amount of coconut milk used to make the dish. Thai Do Thai Cuisine has an aromatic Green Curry that is sure to spice up any night of the week.

Yellow Curry (Kaeng Kari)

This dish is made with plenty of turmeric (probably the most important ingredient as it gives this dish its perfectly golden yellow hue), nutmeg and kaffir lime leaves. In certain regions in Thailand, this dish can be mistaken for an Indian curry. The paste of this dish is further combined with coriander, cumin, lemongrass, garlic, dried chilies, and galangal and is rather mild to taste, but it is deliciously rich with a sweet aroma. Once again it is mixed with coconut milk to fill out the dish and we think it is the perfect curry to curl up with on a Saturday night. A dish perfect for sharing if you’re not too sure what level of heat people can handle. Order yours from Diep, served with potato, onion, and crispy shallots and it’s gluten-free. What a treat!

Red Curry (Kaeng Phet)

A perfect curry with just the right amount of kick if you’re looking for spice. Red Curry which originated in Central Thailand consists of chili powder, red curry paste (which are mixed together to give this dish its base and red colour) which are crushed with garlic, shallots, ginger, and lemongrass and typically mixed in with coconut milk. More modern interpretations include fewer red chilies and substituting it for chili powder to give it less heat but a deeper flavour. A variety of meats can be added to his dish and vegetables can be simmered in the sauce so it’s perfect for our vegetarian friends too. Khow Thai has one of our favourite Red Curry dishes.

Massaman Curry (Kaeng Matsaman)

If spice just isn’t your thing, then you have found your winning dish right here. With both Indian and Persian influences, this certainly is a more unique Thai curry. Rather sweet in flavour with a base of cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and nutmeg this dish is generally served with potatoes and peanuts on top which is uncommon for a Thai curry cuisine. A great starter dish if you want to introduce yourself to some light Thai spice and it’s also pretty unreal full stop – you can put in an order at Blue Orchid for one tasty Massaman Curry.

Panang Curry (Tamra Kap Khao)

The dish is named for the island off the coast of Malaysia and its paste can usually include dried red long chilies, shallots, garlic, galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, coriander, and shrimp paste. The dish is traditionally served with beef but modern styles have seen it paired with a range of other options. Western interpretations have also seen the addition of peanuts to this dish. Disclaimer, it ranges on the pretty spicy side of life so a definite to try if you haven’t yet. Far East has some amazing Thai dishes and their Panang Curry is certainly a must.

Have you tried all of our ultimate Thai curry dishes? Well if not, it’s time to get to trying and order on Just Eat tonight, equally if you have tried some of our ultimate picks, why not treat yourself to something extra tasty this weekend on Just Eat.