CuisinePosted on 13.06.2019

The Ultimate Beginner’s Sushi Guide

Can’t tell your Sashimi from your Nigiri? Want to know the difference between Uramaki and Temaki? Well not to worry – we’ve pulled together the ultimate beginner’s sushi guide so you can impress all your friends the next time you order your favourite Japanese takeaway on Just Eat!

Sashimi (saw-she-me)

Let’s start simple! Sashimi is fish or shellfish served alone. This baby is typically served raw, so a good shout if you really love your fish. Maybe not the best choice if you’re a sushi newbie. To give this sushi dish a try, why not check out the Sashimi Combo from Kyoto Sushi & Noodle in Limerick or Salmon Sashimi from KOI Japanese Restaurant in Wicklow.

Nigiri (knee-gee-ree)

An upgrade from Sashimi as this dish consists of thin slices of raw fish (that’s the sashimi part) over pressed vinegared rice. If raw fish isn’t your thing then you’re in luck, not all Nigiri is served raw and some options are veggie friendly using vegetables as a topping instead of fish. Get your Nigiri on with HaiLan Korean Restaurant in Donnybrook or Tani Naas in Kildare. 

Maki (mah-key)

When you think of sushi rolls, you most likely are picturing Maki. Essentially it’s sushi rice and filling all wrapped in seaweed. This is a pretty good choice for your takeaway as there are so many ways to have your Maki – it can vary in size, amount of ingredients and served with cooked or raw fish! Try a fresh Salmon Sushi Maki from Sushi Hana & Sawadi in Wicklow or a Crispy Monkfish & Cucumber Futomaki from Kyoto Asian Street Food in Waterford.

Uramaki (oo-rah-mah-key)

The inside-out roll! Its pretty similar to Maki except for, you guessed it, the rice is on the outside and seaweed wraps around the inner filling. These rolls usually have lots of toppings and sauces and come in a variety of cooked and raw options. Check out the Uramaki sushi you can take away all over Ireland on Just Eat.

Temaki (tey-may-key)

A Japanese party food, so you know it’s got to be good! In its most basic form, this sushi which is hand rolled is composed of a single large, cone-shaped piece of seaweed on the outside, with a variety of ingredients, almost always including a type of fish spilling out of the wide end. You can also eat this sushi with your hands so no chopsticks required! This ones definitely a good shout if you’re having people over! Discover California Temaki from Wasabi Restaurant Sushi Bar in Dublin or a Spicy Tuna Temaki from Orient Asian Restaurant & Sushi Bar in Kildare. 

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