CuisinePosted on 25.02.2020

Turn Friday into Fries-Day! The Best Loaded Fries To Order on Just Eat

Sometimes plain old french fries don’t cut it. Whether they’re loaded with cheese and bacon, taco sauce and chilli beef or garlic mayo and parmesan, those cuts of spuds are quite something. We have picked our favourite fries with goodness on top from each restaurant!

Bun Bros 

Taco Fries are a must try. With taco sauce, cheese and chilli beef, Bun Bros know how to load their fries with tasty goodness! 



Spice things up with Chilli Fries from Rockets. They’re one of Ireland’s favourite American style diners so trust us, you DON’T want to miss these. 



*Warning: drool-worthy description ahead* Hot Chick Fries - Crispy chicken goujons, smothered in Vincenzo's hot sauce and jalapenos tossed with skin on chips. We’ll take 5x portions, please! 



Abrakebabra’s Rodeo Fries are truly something from our dreams. Topped with beer battered onion rings, cool sour cream, crispy bacon, sweet BBQ sauce & chopped spring onion, there really isn’t much else we need to say to sell these bad boys to you. 


The classic Curry and Cheese Fries. Perfect for cold days or those afternoons of recovery from the night before! Find your local Supermacs on Just Eat.


If WOWBurger’s Chilli Fries are anything like their burgers, you are in for a TREAT! Their hand cut fries are topped with mozzarella and cheddar cheese before being dressed in a chilli sauce that kicks and topped off with deliciously spicy cajun sauce. 


Shake Dog

Get a taste of Texas from your sofa in Ireland with Shake Dog’s Texas Fire Fries. They’re topped with beef chilli, grated cheese, burger sauce and jalapenos! 


Braised Beef Brisket & Chipotle Sauce. Hmm, this could possibly be the yummiest topping combo in the history of loaded fries. Chipmongers’ exciting side consists of fresh cut chips topped with slow braised BBQ beef brisket, sliced onions and chipotle sauce. 


Bison Bar & BBQ

Cowboy Fries - tossed in BBQ sauce, sprinkled with bacon bits and dusted with cheese, Bison Bar & BBQ’s loaded fries will have you yeehaw’ing. 

Order your loaded fries now on Just Eat, whatever your taste buds desire! 

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