CuisinePosted on 06.12.2018

The Ranking of Food in Home Alone

Home alone is synonymous with Christmas and what 90’s child growing up didn’t want to be Kevin McAllister! The Thrillist have come up with the best foods in Home Alone and ranked them so we didn’t have to!

1. Limo pizza

Eating pizza in a stretch limo with a flute of Coke while the original How the Grinch Stole Christmas plays on TV was and remains the ultimate childhood fantasy. There’s just no question here.

2. The Plaza ice cream sundae

Living in a hotel #minifistpump ; eating in bed #minifistpump; eating ice-cream in bed double #minifistpump

3. Homemade ice cream sundae

Dream dinner sorted

4. Microwaved mac ‘n cheese

Featuring goblet of milk – a winning combination

5. A “lovely cheese pizza”

Do like Kevin did and order a delish pizza right to your door with JUST EAT – leave the change ya filthy animal