CuisinePosted on 21.04.2016

Takeaway Tapas

Having a quiet night in and can’t agree whether to order a Green Curry or Pepperoni Pizza? Or having a few friends around and you can’t decide between Wings and Pad Thai?

These are the kind of situations that make or break relationships. Luckily, the JUST EAT app puts a world of takeaway in your hand.

With so many takeaways to choose from why settle for just one? Pull up your local Chinese and order chicken balls for starters, meanwhile your other half is getting a korma from your favourite Indian and your best mate is swiping through the menu for the Mexican restaurant down the street, ordering sides to beat the band. Then you can sit back and wait for your culinary world tour to arrive.

Why not try?

Honey Spare Ribs, Chicken Biriyani, Crispy Wontons & Saag Aloo on the side

A spicy, saucy mix. Kick your feast off with some sweet honey ribs, balanced with the dry and spicy heat of a biryani. Pair off light crispy wontons with hearty saag aloo and your bound to please everyone with this asian pick and mix!

California Rolls and a Caesar Salad

Sharing a romantic meal for two? Don’t let a food fight ruin your date night. Mix and match some sushi with a caesar salad for a perfect pairing. You can feed each other sushi rolls to your heart’s content without putting other diners off their dinner. Guilt-free goodness.

Pizza, Chicken Wings, Sweet Potato Fries

Nothing turns friends into frenemies like a bout of hanger. Feed your friends and Shhh The Hunger by ordering a buffet style feast and putting a smile on everyone’s face. Whether they’re over for a movie, a match or just a catch up, take it to the next level with a finger food extravaganva!

JUST EAT offers you the widest choice of takeaway restaurants in Ireland.

Order your takeaway or takeaways from them here tonight!