CuisinePosted on 22.05.2019

Spice Bags for Spice Girls

When you’re feeling sad and low, a spice bag will take you where you gotta go!

If you somehow have been living under a rock for a few weeks, you may not be aware that the Spice Girls are returning to the stage for a reunion tour this Summer (minus Posh Spice 😢). And the first gig is happening this Friday, here in Dublin! *cue cheers and applause*

So with all the excitement, we’ve decided to Spice Up Your Life with five ways to enjoy some spice bags with your friends to get you in the spice spirit before the big reunion gig this Friday at Croke Park. Girl Power!

Outfit Planning

If you haven’t started planning your outfit for the Spice Girls gig yet are you even going!? We’ve had many an ASOS package come into the office in preparation. But the real way to prepare is to get friends round to yours, throw on Spice World (a cinematic masterpiece) and start discussing outfit options over some delish spice bags. Canton City will sort you with some zingy spice bags delivered to your door, if those don’t inspire you and your friends to dress up as each of the Spice Girls – then we just don’t know what will!

Before the Gig

Another option is to get all of your friends round on the evening of the gig. No doubt getting ready together and blasting out all the bops and solo singles of the Spice ladies isn’t Too Much, and more fun than doing it all by yourself. And no doubt with much singing and dancing in your future – you’ll need something to keep your spirits high and let’s keep the theme going with a Spice Bag from Bamboo. It’s not every day that the Spice Girls do a tour so why not commit to the theme in every sense!

Right After the Gig

You might still be singing all the classic hits as you leave Croke Park and why leave all that spice in the stadium? Holler for a Spice Bag on Just Eat and pre-order it for delivery when you arrive home. Golden Inn Palace will bring that shredded salt and chilli chicken and chips perfect combo to you! Heaven, we say!

Reflective Spice Bags

We have no doubts we and most likely you will be taking hundreds of videos and pictures of what will certainly be an iconic concert worthy of all the Headlines. (Would have been more iconic with Posh Spice there, but we won’t dwell on that). So if you haven’t already decided on a sleepover with your besties, we suggest doing that so you can all look back on the pics and videos from the night and discuss which ones are worthy of an insta feed update! And what better way to discuss such things than over a recovery Spice Bag from Jumbo Waterford.

Relive The Spice

Cut to Sunday evening – it’s been one ‘Girl Power’ filled weekend and the fear of Monday might be Too Much. So why not hold onto all those good Spice Girls vibes for just a little longer. There’s only one thing for it! You might have guessed by now, a spice bag from Garden House, you can make it a meal with curry sauce and a drink of your choice! And of course, we suggest streaming the masterpiece that is Spice World and re-live all of the fun one last time before Monday mornings alarm rings!

Hai! Si! Ja!  – Spice Bag!

It’s bound to be one hell of a weekend for all of us who grew up in the ’90s, cue all the nostalgia. Order on Just Eat to make these new memories even more delicious. Viva Forever!