CuisinePosted on 05.09.2014

Scientists Discover The Best Cheese For Pizza

Why is it that some pizzas get that delicious, brown, melty cheese topping – while others are sad and stodgy? (We’re looking at you, cheap oven pizzas.)

The answer? Mozzarella. It’s delicious, melty and goes with everything.

Mozzarella declared king of cheese – scientists high five

But science has finally taken this pizza wisdom to the next level. These pizza pioneers are pushing the limits of our cheese understanding.

They investigated the moisture, oil and stretchiness of a veritable cheese board – mozzarella, cheddar, Colby, Edam, Emmental, Gruyere, and provolone.

Their mission? To create the ultimate combination of that browned, bubbling texture that makes pizza so amazing.

The study discovered that when a pizza is topped with just cheddar or Edam, it’s going to be a bit rubbish. The cheese is a bit too stodgy, so it can’t bubble up and brown off.

Go home oven pizza, you’re drunk

Same problem with Emmental – moisture doesn’t evaporate, meaning the cheese can’t brown. Nobody wants sad, limp cheese.

The secret – mozzarella. Mixing itwith any of the other cheeses lead to a perfect blend of gooey, browned off perfection. If you want your cheese with fewer bubbles, add it to cheddar. If you want it less brown, add it to provolone.

Pizza mystery solved. Bueno!