CuisinePosted on 09.01.2019

Resolution Friendly-ish Dishes

We might already be over the first week of the New Year and no doubt those promising new years resolutions we set for ourselves are dropping like flies, but we here at Just Eat believe in you and are here to help! Keep those resolutions in check with some delicious and resolution-friendly dishes on Just Eat.

Take a look at some of our favourite dishes on Just Eat right now that are definitely going to help keep those resolutions last for another week. Delicious, healthy and delivered to your door – what more could we ask for.

Pho Bo

Pho is already one of our favourite dishes – especially over the winter months, few things can beat it. So it’s just music to our ears that this delish dish Pho Bo from Saba To Go is a super healthy dish and will help keep those New Year resolutions alive and well. This beef noodle soup is the perfect mix of flat noodle soup beef fillet, bean sprouts, spring onion in a hearty and aromatic Vietnamese broth. If Thai food is your weakness, you’re in luck Saba has a huge range of heart and healthy dishes to try.

Chicken Superfood Salad

We know, we know – salad isn’t exactly the most revolutionary of suggestions; but have you had a Chopped salad? Countless tasty salad and wrap options make Chopped a perfect lunchtime order for the office. The Chicken Superfood Salad is a standout with greens, roast chicken, avocado, white onion, grated carrot, and brown rice.

Pumpkin & Spinach Burger

It’s always good to try new things, especially changing it up with some vegetarian and vegan orders. This burger from sounds pretty delish to us and we’re dying to try it. Pumpkin and spinach patty with tomatoes, grilled mushrooms with balsamic, fresh spinach, shredded crispy carrot, red cabbage slaw, and sriracha sauce. Sounds like a dream to us! Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan or flexitarian – Pita Pit has something you’ll definitely want to try.

Chilli Garlic Prawns

We can barely say this one without our mouth watering. The prawns are marinated with ginger, lemon juice, garlic coriander, oil,  crushed chili and then grilled. Served alongside a gluten-free sweet potato curry and basmati rice. Talk about a perfect Indian dish! Discover this and more from Tadka House – many more dishes worth exploring.


We couldn’t do this post without mentioning Sushi! We’ve spoken about this dish quite a bit recently but there are just so many benefits to it. It’s a versatile cuisine that you can change up from time to time and it full of fresh and healthy ingredients – perfect for all those resolutions hanging over your head. No food guilt here. Just food envy! Nagoya has some amazing sushi combos that are a must order when you have friends round next – delish sharing dishes that your friends will be thankful for!

Find some new food order inspiration? This is just a quick tasty snippet of the dishes on Just Eat – explore more options for the perfect lunchtime treat or maybe a mid-week pick me up? Sorted.