CuisinePosted on 12.02.2021

Where to Find Stacks of Pancakes on Just Eat This Pancake Tuesday

Arguably the best day of the year, Pancake Tuesday is the one day we can eat as many pancakes as physically possible without feeling a smidge of guilt.


Luckily a number of restaurants on Just Eat offer pancakes on their menus and what’s even better, you can have them delivered straight to your door rather than making a mess of the kitchen! Order up and stack ‘em high! 

White Moose Cafe 



Known for their famous Silver Dollar Pancakes, White Moose Cafe’s toppings are so mouth-watering that it’s hard to concentrate on the choices ahead! The range of Silver Dollar Pancakes includes Kinder Bueno, hazelnuts, chocolate buttons and Kinder Bueno sauce, maple flavoured golden syrup, mixed berry compote and white chocolate sauce, toasted marshmallows and nutella, crispy bacon and maple flavoured golden syrup OR brownie crumbs, caramel sauce and Crème Fraiche. Let us know when you’ve decided, we’re still trying to make a decision! 




McDonald’s pancakes are available on Just Eat and we couldn’t be more delighted with this breakfast option! The pancakes are offered with sausage and syrup or simply just syrup. Choose to enjoy by themselves or as a meal with a drink! 




McGettigan’s in Limerick is supplying Just Eat customers with a variety of pancakes, including stacks topped with Lyles maple syrup and fresh berries, Nutella and mixed nuts or grilled bacon and Lyles maple syrup.




Cinnamon, we meet again… one we can always count on for delicious desserts and pastries! Cinnamon stores offer classic homemade buttermilk pancakes with a choice of Canadian maple syrup or Nutella.

KC Peaches



KC Peaches’s breakfast menu is a delightful one to have a scroll through when early morning hunger pangs. This Tuesday, celebrate with their American style pancakes topped with crispy bacon and served with maple syrup, mixed berries and with maple syrup or Nutella and bananas.

Brownes of Sandymount 



Brownes of Sandymount has some of the best American style dishes on their menu, including three American homemade pancakes with sugar and lemon, Nutella or crispy bacon and maple syrup. If you’re feeling hungry, Brownes Big BalooBa Pancake Stack is the one for you. It’s six American homemade pancakes with crispy bacon and maple syrup.

Angelina’s Deli



Angelina’s Deli has been serving their Buttermilk Stack for a while on Just Eat and we know for a fact they’re the perfect morning, afternoon and evening snack for all to enjoy. Served with fresh cream, strawberry compote and maple syrup, the Buttermilk Stack is a classic option. 

Farmer Browns



Brunch professionals, Farmer Browns know how to play the breakfast and lunch game! They offer American Style Pancakes with a choice of toppings including white chocolate ganache, fresh raspberries and coconut, milk chocolate ganache, banana and candied pecans or Canadian maple syrup, streaky bacon and vanilla pod fruit compote. It’s a tough one to choose! 

Dutchess Foods



Dublin’s trusty Irish and Dutch dessert maker, Dutchess Foods are kings of the Poffertjes. Poffertjes are a box of mini Dutch pancakes, traditionally served with butter and icing sugar and pretty incredible treats if we do say so ourselves! 

Where will you be ordering your pancakes from?

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