CuisinePosted on 02.06.2020

The Takeaways to Order on Just Eat, Inspired by Normal People

The show of 2020...if you didn't watch Normal People, we highly recommend adding it to your list! With episodes of the series located around Ireland and a trip to Italy, Just Eat has some seriously good takeaways to order from, inspired by the characters' escapades. 

If you’re in Sligo..

Connell and Marianne definitely would have ordered from these restaurants on Just Eat when they were at home! 

Sligo Fish and Chips

You can’t beat traditional fish and chips! Sligo Fish and Chips serves a range of everyone's favourites, available to be delivered to your door if you’re lucky enough to be from the area. 

Classic India

OPEN TODAY FROM 5 PM #indianfood #tikkamasala #

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Not that Normal people needed to be spiced up, but Classic India creates the spectacular spicy curries. Spice not your thing? Try a classic Korma or Pasanda instead. 

Living in Ballsbridge like Marianne

Was anyone else envious at how beautiful Marianne's student house was?! 


Freshly baked pastries to go with your coffee on the balcony or the garden, Cinnamon is the perfect cafe to order from if you’re in Ballsbridge. They also serve a range of breakfast and lunch options to have delivered throughout the day. 

Baan Thai 

You can never go wrong with tasty Thai food, especially from Baan Thai! We are certain that Marianne and her friends would have ordered from Baan Thai. With zero willpower when it comes to ordering, we will often choose a dish from each section on their menu because YOLO. 


A fan of Sushi just like Marianne? Sushida can satisfy those hungry tummies! We love ordering a variation of sushi, you can too for a bargain price. If you’re sharing with housemates or family, the Sushida Platter for €45 includes 16 pieces of nigiri sushi, 4 pieces of special roll, 8 pieces of medium sushi roll, 8 pieces sashimi. 

We can’t take you to Italy but we can bring Italy to you

Let's all drool at the gelato, strawberries, wine and other food during the episode set in Italy.

Ripasso, Bray 

New Pizzas coming soon..

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This authentic Italian restaurant based in Bray is a winner in our eyes. Both the pizza and pasta dishes from Ripasso are some of the most delicious plates of food we’ve tasted; it’s very difficult to pick our top orders. Therefore, we order one of everything. Bellissimo!  

That’s Amore, Malahide 

Our Italian starters❤️🇮🇹.

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That’s Amore really showed us what love looks like in the form of amazing Italian food. Start with Bruschetta Caprese, topped with fresh tomato, mozzarella, olive oil, fresh basil and balsamic vinegar. An Italian taste sensation!

Studying in or around Trinity College 

Elephant & Castle 

You can’t pass an opportunity to have these famous wings if you’re studying at Trinity. Collect them from Elephant & Castle or have them delivered and enjoy outside in the lovely summer weather! 

Vintage Cocktail Club

This little beauty turns 10 years old today..... The Dirty Wizard.....created by VCC’s gaffer @garlambe got its first outing on the 8th of March 2010 at @diageo.ireland’s World class cocktail competition, judged by @tomdoorley1959 @nmunier @anguswinchester all huge names in our industry, The Dirty wizard won the Vodka heat of the competition and put Gar in the Finals competing against the now legendary @maxlaroccatribe, sadly for us our good friend Max won the finals and went on to represent Ireland on the global stage. To date, The Dirty wizard is arguably one of Dublin’s most popular Cocktails, served in 3 bars under Gars remit over the last Decade. The name came from a conversation between Gar and a regular guest who was looking for something off menu, something new, his recipe was complete but the Cocktail still had no name, so he whipped up the drink and passed it to her to taste, she lifted the glass’ took the first sip, looked him dead in the eyes and said...’ ohhhh your a bit of a Dirty Wizard aren’t you’ he replied do you mind if I steel that, she replied I’d be insulted if you didn’ there ya go, The Dirty Wizard, 10 years old today ❤️

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A night in with some cocktails from Vintage Cocktail Club already made for you? Yes please. Maybe they will get you through studying or help with the “finished for summer” celebrations. If you’re a whiskey fan, the Old Fashioned is a fantastic choice. 

What’s on the cards today? 

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