CuisinePosted on 18.06.2019

Mind Blown – How You Will Never Eat Chinese Food The Same Way Ever Again

Ever find yourself trying hopelessly to coax Chinese food out of its takeout container, often resulting in a huge mess? You’re not alone. We just learned that the box actually folds out into a pretty efficient plate. So basically we have been using Chinese Takeaway boxes the wrong way our whole lives.

See here in this diagram. Life changing stuff.

In this video, Food Beast shows us all you need to do is pull back the glue on the sides of the boxes, unfold, and then you have a plate. Remove the metal handle first if present. You can microwave heat up the box before unfolding also.

Better yet, it can fold right back up and tuck into itself, perfect for leftover storage in the refrigerator. Need I mention no washing up. Mind blown? Again – you’re not alone.

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